Saturday, October 1, 2016

33 42 55 58 96 232 | Oregon State establishes second "After School Satanic Club" at elementary school (Portland & Nehalem)

This story is about Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, OR.

Why Oregon?

Of course Oregon is also the 33rd State.

Satanism = 1+1+2+1+5+9+1+4 = 24/33/42 (Freemason = 42)

Portland is also home of the (503) area code.  That has a parallel to 'Satanism'.

Freemason = 96; Knowledge = 96

Also, 'Portland' connects to 'Sacramento' which connects to 'Hell'.

Hell?  Satan?  

At the end of the day, these actions are just made to stir up the populace, especially the Christians who have no idea their religion was created by the same gang of "Satanists", aka "Freemasons".

Finn Rezz?  No doubt he changed his name at a Masonic Lodge.

After School Satan Club = 71 (Temple = 71) (Catholic = 71)


Notice the first school with the Satanic Club was 'Nehalem', in the 33rd State.


  1. Zach i need a winner! Remember thursday night game u said Patriots were definately winning. Thanks i hit that!! If you love anyone by the code i would appreciate it. Love ya brother shawn

    1. I gave you last Thursday Night too, Bengals.

    2. Jaguars have been blown out by 40+ points in three straight season in Week 4.

    3. Zach mentioned in a video earlier this week that he expected the Saints to win in tomorrow's game

  2. Zach I'm going behind your work with raiders game it's no way I can type my notes on screen (lol) but so far I believe I made a few good Oakland connections but um really stuck right now I just wanna no if I'm on correct path

  3. Zach is clearly OCD. No way any normal, sane person could know all this shit without going crazy.

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    Berdych and Khachanov both to win the finals of Shenzhen and Chengdu

    Both are favs to win but the numbers align and there birth numerologys both match for this year. Basically they will either both win or both lose, share the same fate. I'd be very surprised if they lose though.

    4/7 @ 8/11 are the prices i think.

  5. The Satanic Temple has also gotten approval for their ASSC here in GA. Don't quote me on this but I think it was Cobb County (CC of course)