Saturday, October 1, 2016

33 47 57 60 120 | 'I can be nastier', Donald Trump headlines, October 1, 2016

First, look at the facial expressions in the pictures chosen.  You really think Trump has a chance?

Then the words this man uses?  He is a shit salesman with nothing but hot air coming out of his mouth.  The only way to be attracted to Donald Trump as a candidate, is to be a brain dead fucking retarded American, of which there are many.

I can be nastier = 57/66/120

*Scottish Rite = 57
*Woman = 66 (Hillary and Trump have birthdays connecting to '66')
*Illuminati = 120

Notice this is the headline for the first day of 'October'.  October = 33

10/1/2016 = 10+1+20+16 = 47 (Agent) (President) (Authority)
10/1/2016 = 10+1+(2+0+1+6) = 20
10/1/2016 = 1+0+1+2+0+1+6 = 11
10/1/16 = 10+1+16 = 27


  1. Zach - I have been working on Tim Kaine - a Jesuit educated Catholic. He went to Harvard Law school, along with his wife and father in law - former republican Governor of Virginia. Seems like maybe he is going to be a big thing.

    Timothy M Kaine 64/163/792
    64 - Zion Israel Synagogue of Satan - Joe Biden
    163 is the 38th prime Barak Hussein Obama
    792 King James Ninety Three 93= Saturn Propagand Crucifix

    2/26/1958 33/51/86/105
    226 = Two Hundred Twenty Six + 93

    Timothy 38/110/660/697
    38 death master plan masonic
    110 president adolf hitler osama bin laden prophetic Ronald Reagan

    Kaine 22/40/240/65

    Michael 33/51/76
    33 race war secrecy masonry

    Tim 37/82/205
    37 has ties to order out of chaos - factors 3*7*37

    This guy is very under the radar and seems squeaky clean. Just interesting to watch.

    1. You must have missed my video where I predicted he would be the VP more than a month before it was announced. I know about Tim Kaine.

    2. Tim = 15/42/139/252
      Not sure where you got the numbers 37/82/205?

  2. I saw your blog post yes. I'm just thinking he will go beyond VP as I am wondering why they are so fixed on Hillary being president she is so tainted - possibly to get Tim Kaine in there. And yes typo - I left off Kaine ...its Tim Kaine 37/82/204 (not 205) also a typo on Barack. I'm the typo queen

    1. Do you follow my work? It is very obvious why Hillary is who they want in there. She is a born and bred NWO puppet.

  3. Jesuits often become VP. I have always had the feeling that the VP does a lot more dirty work than we will ever know.

    1. That's a good point. I was thinking that he will be president when she has a major health issue while in office - or something else as he alone could not get elected right now. Possibly just the dirty work angle. Just seemed to be a lot of presidential connections in there.

    2. She doesn't have any health issues. That is misinfo put out by all the fake conspiracy channels.

    3. I don't see that it matters. They are putting that information out there for some reason - I don't know what. Whether it's true or not is not relevant to the greater agenda. I was speculating that Tim Kaine is the greater agenda however they want to make that happen. Just like picking NFL football I could be entirely wrong though :)

    4. I mean to say just like MY picking of NFL football by the way as I am not doing well this year in my reference to any one else's picks as yours are extremely accurate!

    5. Sue G, You're correct in your line of thinking. VICE in The President of Vice, ie: drug running for the CIA /"vice". Yes, these bastards should be strung up and hung. I demand nothing less than public executions for tyrants!

  4. They are also doing a Cain and Able act with the two VP choices. Kaine is quite obvious, while Able can be found when you research Sen. Pence signing into Indiana state law the ABLE act on 3-21, which just so happens to be 117 days before Trump announced Pence as his choice, and 117 has been following Trump around for quite a long time. But they do a mishmash of all sorts of Bible shit with these fools, so it is hard to tell what point they are trying to gey across. I do know that Able ends up dead. ;)

    1. Ha - that's very interesting! You always have good info and make interesting points.

    2. Able ends up dead... still chuckling...

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