Wednesday, October 19, 2016

33 45 57 94 147 | Cleveland Indians advance to 2016 World Series, as predicted, October 19, 2016

The Cleveland team has advanced over the Toronto team in the conference / league championship for baseball, just as it happened earlier this year for basketball.

Notice that '55' shown in the picture.

Los Angeles = 37/55
Chicago Cubs = 46/55

Again, the Indians won 94 games this season.

Ninety-Four = 57/147
World Series = 57/147

Let us not forget the manager of the Indians is '57'.

Recall further, the Cubs, in their 147th game, earned their 94th win.  This is why when the MLB playoffs started, I said I like a Cubs and Indians World Series.  If it ends up being Indians and Dodgers instead, remember that Dave Roberts, the manager of Dodgers, was drafted by the Cleveland Indians.

The fact that the Indians advanced today, October 19, 2016, I think is favorable for the Cubs to win in the NL.  Remember, all of this is scripted together.

10/19/16 = 10+19+16 = 45 (Cubs = 45) (Wrigley = 45) (Illinois = 45)

Notice the Dodgers are up 2-1.  Illinois, the 21st State

33 at bats for the Cleveland team!  Cleveland = 33; Indian = 33


  1. Curious that they advance the night of the final debate. Republicans had their GOP feast there.

  2. Wow the "2-1 lead" with "illinois=21" interesting.

  3. Tomorrow is 10/20 like 12

    Illinois 21 (21st state)

  4. Zach, if the Cubs win the Pennant, think back to the pic I posted on your FB from the FS1 documentary about the Cubs beating the Indians in the WS.

    1. I remember seeing that..... Where did you see it again? Is the link still avaliable?

  5. Today is 35 year annevsery of Fernando Valenzuela winning Togoto World Series in 1981

    Today is 10/19 (119)
    Both men from Mexico
    Julio Urias pitching a total span of 69 days from his birthday

    Today 10+19+16=45
    Julio Urias=45
    His birthday 8+12+(1+9+9+6)=45
    Julio Urias=54s exception =baseball

    1. 119 isn't good number how about Rex Ryan is coaching in his 119th game vs Dolphins Sunday are you implying it could be a lost? I'm in a process of breaking that game down & Tyrod record is 11-8 he lose it goes to 11-9 seen as 119

  6. On October 25 cavs will be reciecing their rings and Indians will have game 1 World Series in cle.

    1. Do you think the Browns finally get a win to make that the happiest day in Cleveland?

    2. Lol haha shit why not throw the Browns a bone

    3. AL all stars won 4-2, perhaps Cubs win the next 3?

  7. I'm glad I didn't bet on this game, Estrada was pitching 106 days after his birthday (prophecy). I didn't dig deeply since they were big favorites already and with the prophecy connection I figured they were a shoe-in to extend the series and take more ticket money.

  8. Wonder if the winning pitchers last name was worked into the pitcher.
    - Merritt like Merit? (worthy of the World Series?)
    He only made 2 starts for the indians all season

  9. Zack,

    Look at the Indians players jerseys

    #10 #8 #54

    108 like Cubs drought.
    #54 or #45 Cubs

  10. It was strange there was 4 players in the Indians v blue jays game that had a birthday today.

  11. As Predicted? Maybe the 3rd Predicted American League Team.
    You had 1)Houston Astros 2)Texas Rangers 3)Cleveland Indians. Not as originally predicted it should say.

    1. He never really was that confident in the Rangers, and he had the cubs all year, tough to see who will be picked from both. 2016 proved to be a good year for Cleveland (216). It also really revolves around 227 year combined drought for the 4 final teams.

    2. I agree with you BaltimoreRon. Zach seems to be a little loose on the definition of predicted. It should read, "As recent evidence strongly suggested".

  12. Game was played on 10/19. Edwin Encarnacion wears #10 and Jose Bautista wears #19, how fitting for them to play their final games as blue jays on this day. (they're the two biggest names set to hit free agency this offseason)

    Interesting, I saw a sign being held up during the blue jays last regular season home game that read, "Thank you 10, 19) The fan didn't seem to have any expression on his face.

    This day was also 112 days before Joe maddon died.

  13. CAVS won NBA finals on 19th..Indians went to World Series on 19th..CAVS Beat RAPTORS to reach NBA Finals INDIANS beat BLUEJAYS to reach World Series