Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Game 4, Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers, NLCS, October 19, 2016 (Discussion Thread)

10/19/2016 = 10+19+20+16 = 65
10/19/2016 = 10+19+(2+0+1+6) = 38
10/19/2016 = 1+0+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 20
10/19/16 = 10+19+16 = 45 (Cubs) (Wrigley) (Illinois)

This game comes 362-days after (4-days before) John Lackey's birthday.

The game comes 68-days after Jose Urias's birthday, and 287 days before his upcoming birthday.

This game comes 254-days after and 112-days before the Cubs Manger's birthday.  Again, this is the 112th World Series.

This game comes 141-days after Dave Roberts birthday and 224-days before.


  1. John lackey =41
    Game four = 41
    Los Angeles ca = 41
    Indians won series 4-1


    1. 1941 world series: Yankees over Brooklyn Dodgers 4 games to 1

  2. Didn't espn shiw two blue Jay's players were wearing the #10 and #19 shirt for 119?

    They lost to cleveland.

    I think today Dodgers loose.

  3. They just clues us with 88 degrees here in LA.
    They also showed #55

  4. The Presidential debate is today. Since Cleveland won, maybe it is a clue that the winner of today's LA-Chicago game will be in the World Series.

  5. Rizzo hit a HR

    4 runs 5 hits now in the 5th inning 5 runs 6 hits.

  6. Reddick doing the Steve bartman incident lmao

  7. Rams-Case Keenum
    Niners- Colin Kaepernick
    Dodgers- Clayton Kershaw
    ex USC qb- Cody Kessler

    whats with all the CK in California?

    1. C=3 K=11

      Ummm I wonder what's the riddle lol

    2. Cubs vs dodgers Game 7 is 10/23 Sunday right game is 8:08 I'm breaking down Bills vs Miami & I noticed that Ryan Tannehill bday to game is 88 days so I plug in
      88 = 123/69 so if u drop 0 you'll get 123 for the date of game 7.
      California = 88/52
      52 = 43
      79/43 = Champion
      So I'm thinking Miami, Rams, Giants & Dodgers all have connections to this game. So my feeling if the Giants win Miami lose & Dodgers lose.

      Elisha Nelson Manning = 205/88-106

      Fisher would pick up his 160th loss Sunday if they were to lose.

      160 = 205/79-88. 160th Prime number - 941

      Another 88!

    3. Or Dodgers could very well win being California = 88
      Game time is 8:08
      Last time they won was 88
      123 = 88 seen as 10/23
      Also Case Keenum born in 88.

    4. All these California teams
      Is gonna be sync to Sunday
      Being Rams play in London this game could be a tone setter
      But it's only can be proven if Dodgers make it to game 7

  8. Zach, what are the odds you think that the Browns go 0-16 this year? All of the glory for the Cavs and Indians, so the Browns take the sacrifice, so to speak. When they lost to the Titans last week, I thought the would be telling, seeing as Tennessee has prophecy gematria and Titans has 83/29 football gematria. Also Six, as in week six, = 52, and Week Six = 33 like Cleveland.

  9. I have a feeling the game is going to end 5-4 like 45=cubs


  11. I think this was a critical game for dodgers, they lose this I think they lose the series.

  12. 11 hit 2 errors Cubs like 112
    5 hits 4 errors for Dodgers like "45=Cubs"

  13. Notice the Cubs pitcher just went out with 13 pitches (LA = 13). Now the pitcher for Chicago is #37 (Chicago = 37). So fucking scripted.

  14. Chicago #37 Travis Wood
    Travis Wood = 47, 56, 65, 74
    Travis Wood = 146 (Special Cubs number this year)
    So the pitcher that replaced the guy who only lasted 13 pitches (LA = 13) wears the Chicago number and has Zionist and Chicago Cubs number gematria.

  15. Now the LA pitcher also had the last name Wood and wears 57 (World Series). Pretty sure this spells Cubs in the WS.

    1. Most likely.. Series is going to go back to Chicago 3-2 Cubs leading. Kershaw will probably lose.

  16. #44 Rizzo for the Cubs is "killing" the Dodgers, you could say.

  17. Wow here is the clincher. Cubs 10 runs, 12 hits, a lot like 112 for the 112th WS

  18. Now the Chicago pitcher is 46? Really??

  19. Start of 7th inning. Pitcher #6, batter -#66.

  20. Noticing ALOT of 1-4, 14 on the screen