Monday, October 10, 2016

33 47 147 | Bill Gates thinks future epidemic could kill '33 million' people in less than a year, May 27, 2015 reporting

Bill Gates was the head of Microsoft for 33-years.

This article was written on a date with '47' numerology.  Of course Microsoft, what Gates is known for, is on the 47th parallel.  And for the record, there is no Bill and Melinda Gates.  They're a made for public couple.

5/27/15 = 5+27+15 = 47

May 27, the day this article was written, is also the 147th day of the year, connected to 'Master Builder', and yielding yet another '47'.


  1. this dude is mentally sick. all of these demonically possessed individuals need serious help

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  3. What is it about becoming a billionaire that makes one want to kill everyone else who isn't one?