Sunday, October 9, 2016

33 48 111 223 666 | Palm Springs police shooting hoax, October 8, 2016 +Presence of Ginny Foat (Politician)

Someone who watched my video on the Palm Springs shooting hoax asked if I was aware of the woman on the press conference staged, the politician, Ginny Float.  I was not, but I am now am.

Virginia = 4+9+9+7+9+5+9+1 = 53
Ginny = 7+9+5+5+7 = 33
Foat = 6+6+1+2 = 15
Virginia Foat = 68 (Ginny Foat = 48) (Hoax = 48) (Propaganda = 48) (Evil = 48)

*It has been 48-years since 1968

Virginia = 22+9+18+7+9+14+9+1 = 89
Ginny = 7+9+14+14+25 = 69
Foat = 6+15+1+20 = 42 (Freemason) (Lady) (Female)
Virginia Foat = 131 (Ginny Foat = 111/666) (New York = 111/666)

Notice that Ginny Foat is originally from Brooklyn, New York.  That is the land of the '223' coding, just like the coding on the police officer she was standing next to in last night's propaganda story.

Notice Ginny on the left in the picture below.

Notice the man, holding his wrist like the Masonic douche he is.

As for Ginny, her book title screams 'Zionist'.


  1. Did you see the weird blip I found? Put it on the vid. 10 months 6 days since San Bern and it is a 52 minute drive betweeb the cities. 106, 52.

  2. We've had all of the "Sandy" places in these hoax' a "Springs" and that last Tulsa shooting was actually near a town in Tulsa called "Sand Springs". My aunt lives there..they have some interesting numerology in that town. 74063 zip code, 36N 96W. I need to take the time and plot out all of the "sand" and "spring" towns in the US and see if there is anything interesting there!

    1. Sand=11, Spring=38 Springs=39 (Makes me think of Saturn 93) These numbers are sure showing up a lot lately...

    2. Awesome catches again friend, very good work!

  3. When I look at this woman's name "Ginny Foat" it makes me think of "Finny Goat." (Final Goat) The end of the curse of the billy goat. Or some French, Goat occult reference (Fini Goat). (The end).