Sunday, October 9, 2016

70 83 117 | Second presidential debate, October 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis

'The Donald' is currently 70-years old.  Of course his birthday is 'flag day', June 14.

From his birthday until today, is 117-days.

Today, October 9, the date of the second debate, is the right day to have such an event in an 'election' year.  October 9 leaves 83-days left in the year.

Today leaves 30-days until the election, of a span of 31-days.  That day is November 8.

The name of the school hosting the debate, 'Washington University in St. Louis', has appropriate name gematria for the Freemason run spectacle, the staged election.

George Washington died December 14, 1799.

12/14/1799 = 12+14+17+99 = 142 (Forty-Two = 142) (Washington, the 42nd State)


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  2. I've been trying to decode that audio from Trump still. That was scripted for sure. I'm certain of it now. All of this news ties together lately. It's crazy! Here are the key words from that leaked audio:
    Furniture Shopping=1416/236/1424/101
    Tic Tac=216/336/56/20 (216/2=108, yesterday Tic Tac made a statement on 10/8)
    Kissing=295/528/88/34 (Same as many 88's right now!)
    Gerald Ford 38th President, 895 days in office, 108 sum of the divisors. Ford was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. So we have another King, Like Stephen King and the King of golf that just died.
    Gerald Ford also ties to golf, he used to hold his golf tournament in Vail, CO every year back in the 90's. I used to go in fact. Vail=44
    Ford was born in Nebraska=71/26
    Ford also went to Michigan for college. (Might be relevant for football)

    I see lots of 88's (purple, kissing, Trump), 38's and 83's(The Donald, Gold, Ford 38th Pres.. (Golf=83) Trump owns golf courses. Tiger Woods just made a comeback. And 68's in there too, (King=86, Hot Mic=68, Married=68).

    I feel like it's all a big riddle. And let's not forget all of the encoding for shopping malls, Macy's and Thanksgiving as well. Shopping, Golf, Kings, Purple and Gold, Death. I want to unravel this mystery! Ideas??

    1. Excellent work! Thank you! Great thinking!

  3. Catch Anderson Cooper in that purple tie tonight at the debate. And Hillary in white...because she's so pure. There are the two biggest clowns of them all...

  4. Why did Hilary say that "she respect trump's children" gematria of 113 like dishonest =113 mainstream =113 Green screen =113