Sunday, October 9, 2016

70 83 117 | Second presidential debate, October 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis

'The Donald' is currently 70-years old.  Of course his birthday is 'flag day', June 14.

From his birthday until today, is 117-days.

Today, October 9, the date of the second debate, is the right day to have such an event in an 'election' year.  October 9 leaves 83-days left in the year.

Today leaves 30-days until the election, of a span of 31-days.  That day is November 8.

The name of the school hosting the debate, 'Washington University in St. Louis', has appropriate name gematria for the Freemason run spectacle, the staged election.

George Washington died December 14, 1799.

12/14/1799 = 12+14+17+99 = 142 (Forty-Two = 142) (Washington, the 42nd State)