Sunday, October 9, 2016

39 53 | SNF Preview, October 9, 2016, New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers

10/9/2016 = 10+9+20+16 = 55 (Twenty-Three)
10/9/2016 = 10+9+(2+0+1+6) = 28 (Packers)
10/9/2016 = 1+0+9+2+0+1+6 = 19
10/9/16 = 10+9+16 = 35

923 points to 924 in the regular season?  151 to 97 in the playoffs?

Tonight, SNF, will be the 53rd game all-time between the Giants and Packers in the regular season, the 60th game all-time if you count the playoffs.

Regular Season:  Packers lead 27-23-2
Playoffs:  Packers lead 4-3
Total:  Packers lead 31-26-2

On SNF, things typically go in the way of the team with the '39' connections, but not always.

Ben McAdoo, 39-years old

Green Bay = 41/77
Packers = 28/37/46/73
Green Bay Packers = 69/78/87/150

New York = 39/48/111
Giants = 25/34/70
New York Giants = 64/73/82/181

Let us compare the stats on the starting QB, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

All games:

This will be Eli's 199th game.  199, the 46th prime.  NYG = 46 (Giants won Super Bowl 46)

Eli will be going for 108th win, or 92nd loss.  This is the weekend of 10/8 and it is also the Giants 92nd season, so which will it be?

He is playing on the road,  going for either his 56th win on the road, or his 47th loss.  Notice he comes in with 55-wins on the date with '55' numerology.

As for Aaron Rodgers, this will be his 136th game, and he is playing for his 90th win, or 47th loss.  At home, he is going for either his 52nd win, or 15th loss.  If he loses, he'll be 51-15 at home, in the season of Super Bowl 51.

Regular season games:

For the regular season, this is Eli Manning's 188th game.  Bavarian Illuminati = 188

He is playing for his 100th win, or his 89th loss.  Sine this game is on the road, it will either be his 49th road win, or his 46th road loss.  We saw about how this being his 199th game tied in with '46'.

For Rodgers, this is his 123rd game, and he is playing for his 83rd win, on the day that leaves 83-days left in the year, October 9.  If he loses, he could also earn his 41st career regular season loss, fitting for 'Green Bay', having gematria of '41'.  At home, he will either earn his 49th win, or 13th loss.  Again, this is Eli's 13th season, and he comes in with 99 regular season wins.  Thirteen = 99

Also, 41 is the 13th prime.  Green Bay = 41

Last week was all about '13'.

Remember how #13 was held to 23-yards in primetime on MNF?  Well, if the trend continues for the Giants this week in primetime, they could fall to 2-3, something like '23'.  Twenty-Three = 55

1/3/1981 = 1+3+19+81 = 104
1/3/1981 = 1+3+1+9+8+1 = 23
1/3/81 = 1+3+81 = 85 (National Football League) (Davir Tyree's #) (Davie Tyree, born January 3)

From today's game until Eli's 36th birthday, is 86-days, or a span of 87-days.

12/2/1983 = 12+2+19+83 = 116
12/2/1983 = 12+2+(1+9+8+3) = 35
12/2/1983 = 1+2+2+1+9+8+3 = 26
12/2/83 = 12+2+83 = 97 (97th season of NFL)

From today's game until Aaron's birthday is 54-days, or a span of 55-days.

Notice it is also 1-month 23-days, like Rodgers 123rd game.  Conspiracy = 51/123

Eli was drafted in 2004, Rodgers was drafted in 2005.  Here are the games between the Giants and Packers since they have both been in the league.

This will be the sixth game, Eli vs Aaron, in their respective careers.  It will be Eli's 8th game against the Packers where he is 4-3 all-time.  Tonight, he can become 5-3.  Eli Manning = 53

The first game with Rodgers and Manning was December 26, 2010.  Favre played in the two prior to that for the Packers.  Thus, in the time of Rodgers and Manning, the Packers are 2-3 against Eli Manning.  Rodgers won the first two head to heads, and has lost the last three.

2-3 is a lot like '23'.  If Rodgers wins tonight, it will make them 3-3 all-time against each other.

Let us look at the coach for more intel.

Ben McAdoo, the rookie head coach of the Giants, is a former assistant with the Packers.  He won his first Super Bowl at age 33 while coaching with Green Bay.

From McAdoo's birthday until today, is 92-days, which is fitting, because this is the New York Giants 92nd season.  Remember, Eli could earn his 92nd loss today.

Meanwhile, Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Packers, is trying to earn his

Notice this will be Mike McCarthy's 164th regular season game, and 172nd game toal.

He is playing for his 107th regular season win, or his 115th win total.  He is also possibly playing for his 57th regular season loss, or 64th all-time loss.  New York Giants = 64

In other words, loss #64 would be fitting coming to the 'NYG'.

This game comes 32-days before Mike's birthday, or a span of 33-days.  Michael = 33; G = 33

If the Giants were to win, they would become 3-2.  NFL = 32; America = 32; 32-Teams

It's a tough call.  If I were going to look up something next, it is who will be guarding #13, Odell Beckham Jr.  Will it be Haha Clinton-Dix?