Sunday, October 9, 2016

52 106 119 | CNN's reporting on Prince's home being opened as a museum, October 6, 2016 +First guest 'Rhona Levene'

The 'museum' opened October 6, 2016, as planned, by the numbers of "prophecy".

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52 (10/6...)

Remember, prince said all we could go by in this world was "prophecy".

As for the home becoming a museum, that happened 29-years after it was built.

Museum = 4+3+1/10+5+3+4 = 20/29

Notice the name of the woman interviewed, one of the first guests so we're told.

Her initials, RL, also breakdown to 9 3.

R = 18 = 1+8 = 9
L = 12 = 1+2 = 3

Chanhassen is a Minneapolis suburb, on the 93rd Meridian.

Remember, 'Chanhassen' was the right location for the 'death' of 'Prince', who would "die 4 U" on 4/21.  U = 21


  1. Prince keeps bringing me back to Purple. Did you know he wrote a song for the Vikings? In the song it says, "Name of the Purple and Gold" in the main chorus which=106. I was just researching purple more and I thought of Lil Jacob's fake funeral of superhero's and I wondered if there was a purple superhero and sure enough...PurpleMan! Purpleman can control people, that's his superpower. This of course reminds me of MK Ultra, or whatever you want to call mind control these days. Look at the picture of him, the puppetmaster! Purpleman=116/44. (116, like 911 upside down.)
    His real name is Zebediah Killgrave=85. (Like 58, Freemasonry)
    Puppetmaster=170/53 (85 is a divisor of 170)
    This just strikes me as very interesting. You can read his write up on the Marvel website here:

    It's almost as if PurpleMan is Trump and Hillary is the Scarlet Witch!

  2. We have another train that derailed in NY...

    A Long Island Rail Road train derailed in New Hyde Park Saturday night, injuring 33 people.