Monday, October 24, 2016

43 54 68 83 216 | Arian Foster, NFL running back, retires midseason, October 24, 2016 (World Series tribute)

Three years ago today, I was the only one posting anything like this in the world on Facebook.  Now when I log on Facebook, hundreds of people are posting things like this.

Even the former coach of the Rams!  (Just kidding, that's not the real Mike Martz)

Let's start here.  It's the end of Arian, October 24, 2016.

10/24/2016 = 10+24+(2+0+1+6) = 43

Notice Foster's 54 rushing TDs, synching with his name perfectly.

His retirement comes the day before Game 1 of the World Series, the 'baseball' championship.

Notice also the 14 receiving TDs.  That means he had 68 total TDs.  54+14 = 68

Funny thing is, today is the date that leaves 68-days remaining, and the Cubs clinched the World Series on a date with '68' numerology.

10/22/2016 = 10+22+20+16 = 68 (Date Cubs clinched World Series, 2016) (Barack Obama = 68)

There is a strange parallel between Arian Foster and Barack Obama, beyond this number '68'.

Barack = 216 (English Gematria); Barack Obama is born August 4, or 8/4, the 216th day of the year

It should be noted that Arian Foster, always a suspicious name, had his best seasons with the Houston Texans.

Houston, Texas = 46 (Arian Foster began with Houston Texans)
Chicago = 46; Chicago Cubs = 46


  1. He also wore #34 with the dolphins (10+24=34)
    'Arian'= 43 (10+24+2+0+1+6=43)
    He last played for the 'Dolphins'= 43

    'Miami'=45, important since the cubs are in the world series (cubs=45), remember cubs last missed the world series losing to the miami team due to the fan incident.

    1. Moments ago, one of the announcers called the Minnesota Vikings's defense "purple rain".I guranteed you that will be a running theme with the Prince tribute. With a Vikings's player calling themselves that.

    2. That guranteed to divide the Blacks against the Whites, especially if they get Colin Kaepernick, like RFG the chosen one predicted

  2. An Arian Foster, so he was adopted by the Perfect Race? Also, 68+86=154 and that is a fun set of digits in Gematria.

    The Law of Thelema, Queen of Babylon, The Antichrist, Gods Witness, Descendant of David, Fibonacci Numbers...just to name a few.

  3. Maybe if Texans win tonight it will be cubs tribute?

    1. Houston, Texas = 46 and they are playing the 46th modern day SB champs.