Tuesday, October 4, 2016

57 74 93 116 126 138 226 | AL Wild Card, Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays, October 4, 2016 (Saturn ritual in effect)

10/4/2016 = 10+4+20+16 = 50 (America)
10/4/2016 = 10+4+(2+0+1+6) = 23 (Blue Jays = 23)
10/4/2016 = 1+0+4+2+0+1+6 = 14 (Fourteen = 41) (Baltimore = 41) (Fourteen = 104)
10/4 = 10+4 = 14

It is the 'Wild Card' again.

Wild Card = 38/74
Wild Card = 126 (Francis Bacon Gematria) (Orioles pitcher has 126 birth numerology)

The starting pitcher's birth numerology for the Orioles synchs with '126', Chris Tillman.  His name also syncs with 'American League Wild Card Game'.

His name also synchs with MLB and 'World Series'.

Where the game is played, also has the 'World Series Connection'.

World Series = 57/66/75/147

4/15/1988 = 4+15+19+88 = 126 (Wild Card, Francis Bacon)
4/15/1988 = 4+15+(1+9+8+8) = 45 (Thirteen = 45) (Baltimore = 41, 41 the 13th prime)
4/15/1988 = 4+1+5+1+9+8+8 = 36
4/15/88 = 4+15+88 = 107

This wild card game comes 172-days after his 28th birthday, or a total span of 173-days, the 40th prime.

The opposing pitcher, starting at home, is Marcus Stroman.

Marcus has the birth numerology connection to the ALWC, but not the name gematria.

211, 47th prime

Marcus Stroman = 58/67/175

He was born on May 1, the 121st day of the year.  Revelation = 49/121

5/1/1991 = 5+1+19+91 = 116 (American League Wild Card Game)
5/1/1991 = 5+1+1+9+9+1 = 26
5/1/1991 = 5+1+91 = 97 (25th prime) (Currently 25-years old)

This game comes 156-days after his birthday, a total span of 157-days.

156 has an interesting connection to what his record will be if he LOSES tonight.

If he loses tonight, he will be 9-11 on the season.  911 is the 156th prime.

Another thing that might favor the O's, is the fact that this game is on October 4, the day that leaves 88-days left in the year.

911 = 9+1+1 = 11

Both teams have 89 wins... 89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number

Toronto = 36/117
Blue Jays = 23/32/95
Toronto Blue Jays = 59/68/212 (Kansas City Royals = 212)

Baltimore = 41/95
Orioles = 39/48/93 (Saturn = 93)
Baltimore Orioles = 80/188 (Bavarian Illuminati = 80/188)

Is Marcus Stroman fixing to be 9-11?  Is that the reason he is really starting?

5 and 2/3?


Last note, that line of -136...

Tillman had the '107' connection through his birth numerology.

The '226' connects to '93', which connects to 'Orioles'.

The name Chris Tillman also has a second connection to Saturn.

Saturn orbits the sun at 9.69 km / sec
138+831 = 969 (9.69 km / sec)

Here is the history of the Wild Card.



  1. Numbers favor the O's, but a Rangers-Blue Jays rematch would bring more ratings because of their fireworks last year in the playoffs, and earlier in the year when Odor punched Bautista. Winning tonight would make the Jays 7-4 at home vs. The Orioles. Another close one to call.

    1. 7-4 at home for the Wild Card. That is money.

    2. Yeah... With the Jewish New Year today, the 74's might be the number to go with.

    3. The Orioles have never lost in the wild card, an interesting stat.

    4. Whoever loses tonight will earn their 74th loss as well.

    5. Good point. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on the O's to win. Buddy's shout out of Trumbo looks good too. He has similar synchs that Brown of The Steelers had, and Brown had a big game. I can see Trumbo hitting 2 HR's tonight.

    6. One must ask themselves why is the better pitcher the underdog in this game? On the road sure, but this line opened up at -150 for Toronto. Since then bet down to around -136-140, with 68%ish on Baltimore. This line should be close to -115 -120. The +130 on Baltimore looks mighty juicy with clearly the best pitcher on the mound tonight. Toronto would be my play here with those numbers from Zach and the Legionary.

    7. Of course... Yeah, I gotta look at the Vegas odds more often lol. This might be the toughest game to call in a while (and that's including the other sports.)

    8. the ravens just released Justin forsett today by mutual decision does that have any correlation to the orioles

    9. Toronto opens stadium roof first time since 85

    10. @thelegionary07 - Nice job with Trumbo!

  2. Nice work zach thanks
    I'm looking at Mark trumbo as well homerun champion this year ,Orioles had the last three or four batting champs in a row.
    His birthday is 1/16 looking like 116 =American League wild card game
    His 31st bday is 104 days from today like today's date 10/4
    Sixteenth day of the year=104 like today's date
    The line -136
    One hundred thirty six=107
    Their cap reminds me of the word "fifteeners"=107

  3. Trumbo looks a lot like Trump, who's speaking today... If he does well, it will be of no coincidence.

    1. Lol yea is does niice
      the letters left out of the trum is pbo
      Bpo=51 (reflection of the "o"15)
      Bpo=132( Mark trumbo)

  4. espn has a bunch of 1:44 time stamps on their mlb videos.

  5. Hey zach just left u a pelf message small token of appreciation bro..

  6. Another interesting non-numbers based connection here... Take a look at Stroman's hair, and tell me who he reminds you of... A certain someone on the New York football Giants, who just had the worst game of his career. Stroman is just as animated as OBJ, so I can see him getting tossed, with a fake bench clearing incident.

  7. Baltimore gets 74th loss Toronto goes 7-4 against them

  8. Yup after a few beam balls thrown lol for retribution for having to TAKE IT UP DA CULO

  9. His birthday May 1 is like "mayday"

  10. Back to the future part 2 Marty is talking to Needles and Needles lives on 88 Oriole rd A6T. A=1, T=20. 1620 is a lot like 2016. I'd take Orioles for this reason. Save the clock tower flyer is 10:04.

    1. In 1988 or 89 around the same time that movie came out, the Blue Jay's and Orioles were competing for the playoffs. I believe.


  11. Should we 'factor' in all the strife and narrative that gets focused on Baltimore in the past couple of years?

  12. Toronto home rec 46-35 a win makes m 47-35=74 reflection. Thanks zach

  13. baltimore is going for the 55th post season win, on a date with 5 numerology? toronoto is 26-26.

  14. and for what this stat is worth... toronto avg 41.8k attendance(3rd in mlb) while baltimore avg 26.8k(20 in mlb)

  15. Replies
    1. U was on point glad I didn't come here b4 I made my bet on Jay's and under I'm a gambling man and everyone was on orioles dick kept saying 130 looked good vegas cleaned up exactly y I'm taking Mets tomorrow everybody on bumgardner dick

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  17. aslo, as another person mentioned, looks like a lot of money is on baltimore. http://www.vegasinsider.com/mlb/odds/las-vegas/line-movement/orioles-@-blue-jays.cfm/date/10-04-16/time/2005#BT

  18. i like Toronto also, might even have a ticket with both NY and Toronto. plus toronto wins taking their playoff record to 27-26(9-8) and baltimore will be 54-44(9-8).

  19. Cmon Blue Jay's vs Rangers that's easy..
    Did you guys forget the punch?
    Then after that it should be rangers but....😈
    Show Walter the door !