Tuesday, October 11, 2016

58 68 216 | Obama, Mission to Mars, CNN headlines, October 11, 2016


Notice the gematria of the headline, it is very specific to Barack Obama.

Obama is born on the 216th day of the year, and has name gematria to match.

6x6x6 = 216

'Mission to Mars' also has gematria of '58', like the year NASA was established.

This story comes 68-days after the President's birthday, and not by coincidence.

The word 'Planet' also has gematria of '68'.


  1. Aristotle = 119

    Also, having to do with Plato is the word Platonism

    Platonism = 119

  2. You ever read up on Jack Parsons, the guy that started JPL originally. Creepy motherfucker, into Thelema and what not.

  3. Some other interesting words that might come in handy at some point:

    Sunrise = 33/105
    Astrology = 42
    Astrological Signs = 74

  4. Tomorrow 12/10/16 will have tributes to the number 49 all over the place.

    12/10. 121
    Eighty days left in the year. 80th prime is 409 - 49.

    Revelation tributes in full swing, again the tennis players im predicting to lose tomorrow have connections to 49 through name birth numerology or records

    1. Could u share your work, perhaps?

    2. Im not sharing the work im doing right now because its not complete.

      Once i nail this and i believe i will, ill be sending zach a very detailed explanation of my findings and how my understanding of the system works.

      Im more than happy for him to share it to the blog if he wishes to do so, but as of right now my work is still hazy.

  5. Hey Zack, you're always rockin' a hoodie and a hat in your videos. Is it chilly in the Pac-West?? Regardless, great videos and information as always! Just curious what type of music you listen to?

    1. It is not very warm here, especially this time of year. I also don't have many clothes because when I was burglarized, they stole almost everything. They left my hoodies and sweats and some gym shorts. I listen to a lot stuff, but no country or screaming shit.

    2. Can I send you some money via paypal?

  6. I can relate omw back to NJ from Columbus Ohio fuc n grey hound miss placed 4 big blue totes an if i wanted to I can go to fuc n lost found ware house in fuc n Texas so I'm in the no clothes boat also... But the best thing happened by learning this KNOWLEDGE ZACH THANKS AGAIN