Tuesday, October 25, 2016

66 68 | Scottie Pippen's 'take me to the ballgame', October 22, 2016

Notice the emphasized phrase.  And for the record, it is 'Take me out to the ballgame'.  Gematria shows us why they "forgot" 'out'.

Scottie Pippen's performance was October 22, 2016, the same day the Cubs ended the 'Curse'.

10/22/2016 = 10+22+20+16 = 68

When I think of Chicago, another '68' comes to mind.

Also, having a former member of the Bulls on 'curse' breaking night makes a lot of sense.


  1. Pippen was putting up pics on Instagrm, of him in the Cubs Clubhouse before they won the last series. They we already celebrating before the game even started.

  2. Indians WS slogan is: 'Raise the Flag'

    "Raise the flag" in the English Gematria system equals 462

    "Raise the flag" in the English Ordinal system equals 111
    "Raise the flag" in the English Sumerian system equals 666
    "Raise the flag" in the English Reduction system equals 57

    Talk about some numbers.

    1. World Series = 57
      Terry Francona is 57 years old, Pete Burns just died at 57

      NBA Finals = 666

    2. I like Cleveland in 7 on 11/2.

      If that does happen, I like Jason Kipnis to win WS MVP as well, #22 on 11/2, = 22 date num.

    3. Cubs were wearing the "Raise The Flag" shirts too. I like Cubs to win in 6 or 7.

      Raise The Flag = 111

      Perhaps it's a clue that it ends on 11/1. Or on 11/2 like 112.

    4. Raise the Flag = 111

      There's 195 days' from Francona's birthday to 11/2 (Game 7 WS).

      "one hundred ninety five" in the English Reduction system equals 111

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  4. It's a white flag with a blue W on it
    W is the 23rd letter.
    Chicago, Michael Jordan wore #23
    The Blue W most likely is also a Democratic Win (W)
    "Blue W" = 18
    108 years

  5. "take me to the ballgame" = 500 in Latin Gematria,
    500 means "Liberal"(Obama, etc.)