Thursday, October 13, 2016

66 | Trump's moment of reckoning, October 13, 2016 headlines

Woman = 66
Hillary is born on the day that leaves 66-days left in the year
Donald has '66' birth numerology  6/14/46 = 6+14+46 = 66 (6/14/1946 = 85; Hillary = 85)

America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)

26 days!

Checkout the graphic on CNN's article just below....

President = 47 (Hillary born in 47, on October 26)


  1. Just listened to the radio show from last night and I think that last comment/thought of putting boots on the ground in Washington DC or somewhere with significance is a great idea. I would be more than willing to contribute myself, whether it be to help fund it and/or travel from North Carolina to wherever and help protest in the streets. The thought of all us truthseekers gathering in one place would be very beneficial I think. At the very least, having some stickers with your name on it and slapping them everywhere in our hometowns could be successful as well.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, you got me thinking. Jeff wants to go on the road and start the gathering in D.C.

    2. The sticker thing is a great idea. You have a pretty spread out network. I could take a few days and plaster round the A.

  2. Dear Zach!
    .....awesome work.....and a thanks beyond big for doing what you do ....!
    Wondering if you looked at the obviously thrown 9th inning SF Cubs farce w Romo (pitcher 54) giving way to Chapman (pitcher 54) smiling and trying to hide his too-big smile (after tossing game changing giveaways) ....would love to share those photos and get your detailed take on the "take"....haha