Tuesday, October 25, 2016

68 71 | Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs World Series history (2016 World Series by the numbers warm up)


Cleveland Indians:

1920, Cleveland Indians defeat Brooklyn Robins, 5-2
1948, Cleveland Indians defeat Boston Braves, 4-2
1954, New York Giants defeat Cleveland Indians 4-0 (Baseball = 54)
1995, Atlanta Braves defeat Cleveland Indians, 4-2
1997, Florida Marlins defeat Cleveland Indians, 4-3

It has been 68-years since the Indians have won the World Series, 1948-2016.

Again, the Cubs clinched their World Series birth to face the Indians on a date with '68' numerology.

10/22/2016 = 10+22+20+16 = 68

The Cleveland Indians record in the World Series is 14-16.
They have 2 World Series wins and 3 World Series losses

Notice their first World Series appearance was also 96-years ago.

Chicago Cubs:

1906, Chicago White Sox defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-2
1907, Chicago Cubs defeat Detroit Tigers 4-0
1908, Chicago Cubs defeat Detroit Tigers, 4-1
1910, Philadelphia Athletics defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-1
1918, Boston Red Sox defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-2
1929, Philadelphia Athletics defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-1
1932, New York Yankees defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-0
1935, Detroit Tigers defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-2
1938, New York Yankees defeat Chicago Cubs 4-0
1945, Detroit Tigers defeat Chicago Cubs, 4-3 (Curse of the Billy Goat)

The Chicago Cubs World Series record is 19-33.
They have 2 World Series wins and 8 World Series losses (Murphy = 38 *Name of goat)

Again, it has been 71-years since the Cubs were in a World Series.
The Indians are 7-1 in the 2016 MLB Playoffs
The World Series is beginning on a date with 71 numerology.
10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71


  1. Still think it's going 7? Maybe even a cubs comeback. Cubs comeback=131

  2. Home win, home loss, home loss, home win, home loss, home loss, home loss.

  3. Cubs sweep. Indians postseason record will be 7-5. Game 4 10+29+20+16 =75.
    10/29 is the 303rd day of the year, nice 33 for cleveland to end on. Also leaves 63 days remaining. This is the last big sporting event of 2016. 63rd triangular number is 2016.
    Cleveland are on 101 wins for the season. Murphy = 101.
    Also Zach has done quite a bit on the number 102 linking Hillary and the cubs.
    10/29 is 102 days before Joe Maddon's 63rd birthday.
    I think there is a prince connection too, Prince = 38, the same as Murphy. He died on the 112th day of the year. Cleveland's 112th game of the season finished 14-4. From prince's birthday to 10/29 is 144 days.
    (Cleveland's record after their 112th game was 64-48, that will be the al and nl record all time when the cubs win.)

  4. Cleveland Browns lost this Sunday 17-31
    They are 0-7 I think they win this coming Sunday to be 1-7 . 71 years since Cubs made the World Series

    The total points was 48 points. 1948 Indians last World Series Champs.

  5. terry francona equals 68 in english reduction 2016 is the year of the monkey in chinese zodiac indians 1st world series win was the year of the monkey 1920

  6. Murphys Law = 48 ER & 156 EO = thirty three
    Cleveland = 33 ER

    Never liked Cleveland to win the World Series anyway.

    Just wish I could bet it, but the payout on the Cubs is not worth it.

    Does anyone know who the World Series MVP will be? Now, that has a great payout!

    1. If a position player, I have Kris Bryant (47, 137). If pitcher, I have Kyle Hendricks (63, 144). ONLY IF Cubs win though

    2. Bryant has great numerology, but I like Hendricks too.
      No doubt in my mind the Cubs will win. Cleveland is the sacrifice (representing Donald Trump - losers).

    3. I think MVP will be Rizzo #44 Obama 44th president?

    4. Anthony Rizzo is a good one too!

      Rizzo (+850)
      Hendricks (+1400)
      Bryant (+700)

  7. I think if it goes 7 games, winners will be:

    Game 1 - Clev
    Game 2 - Cubs
    Game 3 - Cubs
    Game 4 - Clev
    Game 5 - Clev
    Game 6 - Cubs
    Game 7 - Cubs

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