Tuesday, October 4, 2016

52 74 95 106 117 | Blue Jays become 7-4 at home, by defeating Orioles in Wild Card, October 4, 2016 (Why Edwin Encarnacion hit the walk-off)

74 strikes again.  7+4 = 11 (Game decided in the 11th)

The man who hit the 3-run-home-run to win the game was Edwin Encarnacion.

The name for a 'walk-off'.

Fitting for the 'Wild Card' winner.

'Three run homerun also connects to today's date, October 4, 2016.

10/4/2016 = 10+4+(2+0+1+6) = 23 (Joe Carter's walk-off 23-years ago, 1993)

He was the right man for Toronto's big win.

7 runs total, in the 11th?

As I've always said, they love to pair '33' with ''74'.  Edwin is currently 33-years old.

He has sent 'Baltimore' packing, 95-days before his birthday.

95 also connects to 'Blue Jays'.

This game also came 271-days after his 33rd birthday.

Notice it was #31, who gave up the winning homerun in the 11th inning.  31 is the 11th prime.

As for winning 2-5, '52' is the big number with the Rangers this postseason.

The Blue Jays begin their series against the Rangers October 6, or 10/6.

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52

What makes this comical, is that on June 10, 2016, Encarnacion hit a walk off home run to win against the Orioles.  June 10 can be written 10/6, just like October 6.

From that game to today was a span of 117-days.

Last point, the walk-off was to left field, just like Joe Carter.

That happened in '93.

Notice #99 gave it up.

Joe Carter and tonight's opponent for the Blue Jays, also have connections to '13'.

Tonight #31 gave it up, the reflection of 13.