Tuesday, October 4, 2016

52 74 95 106 117 | Blue Jays become 7-4 at home, by defeating Orioles in Wild Card, October 4, 2016 (Why Edwin Encarnacion hit the walk-off)

74 strikes again.  7+4 = 11 (Game decided in the 11th)

The man who hit the 3-run-home-run to win the game was Edwin Encarnacion.

The name for a 'walk-off'.

Fitting for the 'Wild Card' winner.

'Three run homerun also connects to today's date, October 4, 2016.

10/4/2016 = 10+4+(2+0+1+6) = 23 (Joe Carter's walk-off 23-years ago, 1993)

He was the right man for Toronto's big win.

7 runs total, in the 11th?

As I've always said, they love to pair '33' with ''74'.  Edwin is currently 33-years old.

He has sent 'Baltimore' packing, 95-days before his birthday.

95 also connects to 'Blue Jays'.

This game also came 271-days after his 33rd birthday.

Notice it was #31, who gave up the winning homerun in the 11th inning.  31 is the 11th prime.

As for winning 2-5, '52' is the big number with the Rangers this postseason.

The Blue Jays begin their series against the Rangers October 6, or 10/6.

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52

What makes this comical, is that on June 10, 2016, Encarnacion hit a walk off home run to win against the Orioles.  June 10 can be written 10/6, just like October 6.

From that game to today was a span of 117-days.

Last point, the walk-off was to left field, just like Joe Carter.

That happened in '93.

Notice #99 gave it up.

Joe Carter and tonight's opponent for the Blue Jays, also have connections to '13'.

Tonight #31 gave it up, the reflection of 13.


  1. Awesome work man!
    Knew that 74 would factor in on the game winner.

    1. Walk-off = 74; Wild Card = 74, it's amazing.

    2. 91 mile an hr meatball down the middle, that's like batting practice.

      Ninety one = R49, O121. Lol

    3. Funny thing is, Encarnacion was sued in August for knowingly giving STD's to a girl. They never specified which STD but...

      AIDS = 33

      Story came out on August 22nd... Today is 43 days later, or 1 month and 12 days (112)

    4. Tillman, the O's pitcher was pulled after 74 pitches lol. Sorry, still noticing stuff.

  2. Soon as he hit the walk off I was thinking I bet he's 33 years old and his name matches something with 74. Haha. Good shit Zachary.

    1. Amazing yes, unbelievable but believable after following your work and learning on my own.

  3. Zachary ever try breaking down a game such as this to see which team fits best to meet the next team? I'm sure it's a shit ton of work, but if anyone can do it, you can... this would pull some wool off some eyes.

  4. Great job zack do you have Dodgers Jay's or cubs this year

  5. Did anybody else notice that Edwin Encarnacion also hit a walk-off home-run on 6/10/16 against Baltimore in the 10th inning, giving the Blue Jays a 4-3 win. It was also their 33rd win of the season.

  6. In the preview you said Orioles would win due to a Saturn ritual....

    1. I didn't say they would win. I was right about the Saturn ritual though. Orioles = 93 and the game was a tribute to the '93 Joe Carter HR.

  7. In the preview you said Orioles would win due to a Saturn ritual....

  8. Buck followed the script by leaving his best reliever on the bench! Jimienez served it up....

  9. They keep comparing his homer to Joe Carter's walk off that won the World Series in 93. Exactly 22 years, 11 months, 11 days earlier.

  10. Seems like they should've "scripted" the final to be 7-4...

    I was laughing at all this until I realized you guys are serious. I'm still laughing, but for completely different reasons.