Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ESPN/FS1 analyst says "Andrew Luck is the new Cam Newton", October 11, 2016

Colin Coward, ESPN's CC, 33, analyst who doesn't know anything about sports, said "Andrew Luck is the new Cam Newton" of the NFL this morning.  And yes, I know that isn't how CC spells his own name, but it is how I spell it.

Anyway, what I take away from this is that Cam went to the Super Bowl last year.... so who is going this year?  I have a feeling if Luck is in the big game, he'll lose, just like Cam did last year.  Why?  Because the people with the major connections to cities, often seem to get punked in them.  Of course Andrew Luck played his high school ball in Houston, where his father was once the QB of the Oilers, and where his father was a career loser, something like Archie Manning.

Think about how last year Cam Newton has the parallel to Huey P. Newton, who established the BPP in Oakland in '66, the year of the first Super Bowl season.  Of course Cam lost out west, not far from Oakland.

Also, take a second gander at the stats on the screen.... 111?  123?