Tuesday, October 11, 2016

13 39 52 70 121 | Giants sign Coty sensabaugh, three days after Los Angeles Rams cut him, October 11, 2016 ("52" ritual)

This is no doubt a numbers ritual.  After reading this post, revisit the recent posts in the last couple of months on the Los Angeles Rams and '52'.


Let us begin with his birth numerology.  There is much '52' here.

11/15/1988 = 11+15+19+88 = 133
11/15/1988 = 11+15+(1+9+8+8) = 52 (Coty Sensabaugh = 52) (Sensabaugh = 52)
11/15/1988 = 1+1+1+5+1+9+8+8 = 34 (Sensabaugh)
11/15/88 = 11+15+88 = 114

He was cut from Los Angeles, a span of 39-days before his birthday.  That is interesting because he was picked up by New York, where everything is '39'.

This man has the right name for the Giants in 2016.

Coty = 3+6+2+7 = 18
Sensabaugh = 1/10+5+5+1/10+1+2+1+3+7+8 = 34/52
Coty Sensabaugh = 52/70

The name 'Los Angeles Rams' also sums to '52', and this is the season of Super Bowl 51, played on February 5, or 5/2.  Let us also notice how 'Rams' connects to '51'.

'52' is the number of prophecy, a number connected to Eli Manning through his birth name, and what he did to start this season, winning his 106th game in Week 1.  Prophecy = 52/106

This acquisition move by the Giants comes 35-days before the player's birthday.

Last point, 'L.A.' sums to '13', like this being Eli Manning's 13th season.

Also, L.A. has those 12.1. initials, something like '121' for Revelation, you know, the book based on the 39 Books of the Old Testament.

L = 12; A = 1; LA = 12 1


  1. Andrew=1030J


    Just wanted to post again.

  2. Giants have a couple Rams now..Jenkins.. Rams will obviously lose to them. I think so anyway.

    California- Case Keenum,Colin Kaepernick..CK ? anything?

  3. I'm not saying the Giants win because thet have Rams. I think they woul in the first place anyway

  4. Rams in Eng-Gem is 231=6..at least theres a 23 in there too..Rams in Eng-Ordinal is 51=6...make the playoffs as a 6th seed? lol i'm just goofing off..Rams in English Sumarian is 306=9...theres still a 3 and 9 involved..so,NY?

    1. try and decode what is. be mindful of reaching for connections.

    2. the fact is the Rams should not be succeeding at all but being connected to a 51 in the SB 51 year may afford them more wins than were expected intermingled with the fact I knew they are/will succeed over the next few years purely because they moved, as that happens a majority of the time

  5. Before stumbling on to zack page, I was a huge NY fan. You couldn't tell me anything about the Giants, Knicks ,Yankees etc.Now my mind is blown. I went about 50 videos back and I gotta tell ya his work is good. I am learning gematria myself and I try to explain to my friends and they are how i once was. Just into their sports ,beer and buying things lol....Good job Zack