Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MLB's Twitter, October 25, 2016, all World Series titles since 1908


You know what jumps out at me?  That old Reds logo, towards the center of the screen, that looks something like the Cubs current logo.  That logo was for the 1940 World Series winner, 76-years ago.

Cleveland Indians = 67/76 (Today, October 25, leaves 67-days left in the year)

The Cubs acquired the closer from the Reds this year.

Anyhow, those are just thoughts, they don't necessarily mean anything.

I do find it interesting the MLB would post something hinting that its the Cubs series.  We'll see if that becomes the case.


  1. U fags are clueless. Cle wins. Havent you heard of the las vegas factor?

  2. After seeing that Cubs fans wave a big "W" flag after every win at Wrigley Field I saw that in 1924 the Washington Senators won. In the Twitter post their logo is a big w like the one Cubs fans wave. Walter Johnson, after pitching his first 20-victory season (23) since 1919, was making his first World Series appearance, at the age of 36, while nearing the end of his career with the Senators. He lost his two starts, but the Senators battled back to force a Game 7, giving Johnson a chance to redeem himself when he came on in relief in that game. Johnson held on to get the win and give Washington its first and only championship. This reminds me of Zach's recent story on Jon Lester who is from Tacoma, Washington (I know it's not the same washington but still..)and not to mention that Walter Johnson=57.