Monday, October 10, 2016

Reader Contribution | Units of measurement and their gematria encoding


  1. Whoa! That is crazy interesting! Have you ever watched Secrets In Plain Sight, by Scott Onstott? It reminds me of this...amazing movie if you haven't seen it! I'm just so fascinated by stuff like this...and sacred geometry. If this world wasn't so fucked...they would teach kids about these things and kids would love to learn. It's actually an amazing world when you start to actually learn about the real stuff and not the BS they waste our time telling us.
    Here's the link to that movie in case anyone hasn't seen it! It's 3 hours of your life very well spent!

    1. Oops...

  2. Looks very interesting. I'm going to check that out, thanks!

    Secrets in Plain Sight = 119 (w/ s exceptions)