Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Night Football in San Diego, October 13, 2016, on the Navy's birthday...

Today, October 13, is the Navy's birthday, born October 13, 1775., 241-years ago today.

Tonight's TNF is in San Diego, home to one of the nation's largest Navy bases.


  1. 241 is the 53rd Prime.

    Fifty three = 59
    Today's date (10+13+20+16) has 59 numerology

    1. United States Navy = 57
      Phillip Rivers going for his 57th win at home tonight

  2. Anybody see the story on espn on how Carson wentz, during the bye week, went to Fargo, ND and tipped someone $500 on a $1000 bar tab? Funny how this story is dealing with money and the wells FARGO ceo just retired.

  3. and this makes a lot of sense cuz why the fuck was rick scott wearing that Navy hat the whole time during hurricane matthew?

  4. From the day after 10/14 to super bowl 2/5 is 114 days
    San Diego has area code 619
    619 is the 114th prime
    Six hundred and nineteen=114 s exception

  5. If the chargers blow this game ...