Sunday, November 20, 2016

11 | NFL record 11 PAT misses in Week 11 of 2016 NFL season, November 20, 2016

So, 11 PATs were missed in Week 11, from 33-yards out.  Roger.

I think I'm having a "revelation"....  11x11 = 121.... Revelation = 121


  1. Today has the trademark Saturnian 13/31 date numerology.

    11+20 = 31
    1+1+2+0+2+0+1+6 = 13

    My guess is that there will be 13 missed PAT's as the key tribute.

    #91 on the Eagles was shown lying on the ground, camera directly overhead, faking an injury with 9:30 on the clock and 3rd & 11 to go, with 23 points up on the board. They came back from the short commercial break, and he was just fine, came in the next play after.

    1. What is the link between 13 and 31 with Saturn? This I need to know.

    2. I am also intrigued, Andy Murray won a big final against Djokovic today and 13/31 were both prevalent numbers for Murray but at the time i couldn't make heads or tails of why these numbers were in the equation.

      Today leaves 41 days left = 13th prime, thats all i had.

    3. Zach, it was covered in one of your recent reader contributions:

    4. Good observation jmontz.

      The last time I remember such an obvious tribute was 10/23, which didn't have 13/31 numerology, but did have 13/33, and it was in the only 33 month. Andrew Luck threw his 13th TD for his 130th passing yard to #13 T.Y. Hilton (45/33) for the 13th point to cap a 6-play, 93-yard drive. That same day, #13 Michael Thomas, born 3/3/93, caught 10/13 passes for 130 yards exactly.

    5. Thank you for reminder, I often forget important discoveries if I don't implement them right away!

    6. Yeah, this one is everywhere man. Remember, that same day, 10/23, this "news event" occurred:

      There's 3 more dates this year with 13/31 numerology - 12/3/2016/ 12/10/2016, and 12/12/2016. Keep your eyes peeled for more tributes on those dates, I can probably guarantee you'll find some gold.

    7. Thanks Slim! I did not realize that about the date numerology. Both Pan, a reference to Saturn, and Cube equal 13/31. 13 is the sixth prime, Saturn 6th from sun.

      31 is the 11th prime - Aquarius the 11th sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn also rules 10th sign Capricorn 10 + 11 = 21. Saturn's reduced gematria.

      Alabama = 13/31.

      Zach I remembered what you said about kickers being so good they can hit the goal post easily from 33 yards.

      What I noticed on the CBS Sports short about the missed PATs, is that EVERY one hit the goal post. Every one! you were right! When they cut back to the panel in the studio, the smirks said it all.

      "PAT hit the goal post" = 77 in both reduced and Pi/GT-7 gematria

      Slim, those dates you mentioned are all in December, when the sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is in Sagitarius until December 2017.

      Saturn is the planet of Karma and Sagitarius is the sign of moral evaluation.

      Pluto is in Capricorn. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762 to 1779, the start of American Revolution.

      Jupiter is in Libra that month, the sign of the scales, justice - a sign in which Saturn is exalted.

      At the beginning of the month by the 3rd, the planets of reason and desire, Mercury and Venus, pass into Capricorn.

      I'm not an astrologer but that combination sounds like it could time for a Saturn tribute, leading up to Saturnalia on December 17-23.

      Excellent work everybody!

    8. I should take a closer look at astrology, it can only make these connections clearer. 31 as the 11th prime number only cements its symbolism as a reflection of 13.

      It's wild how obvious this stuff is once you have eyes for it. It's not like I look at every number all afternoon and pick the ones where this stuff comes together - it's always in a strange spot, like the fake injury I mentioned. The way the camera hung over the player was so ominous, I just got the feeling there was numerology in play. I looked at the time and down/distance and whaddaya know....every time.


    Detective assassination in San Antonio.

    "Detective Benjamin Marconi" = 108 (Cubs), 234 (234+432=666)

    Date numerology = 67 (blood sacrifice) (11+20+20+16=67)

  3. "You like that " =903 or 93

    #88 fumbled for GB cook=44/113



  4. Actually were 12. In the packers redskins game they missed

  5. The 12th was done in DC
    When I Researched 12th district

    "Catholic university of America"
    First search results

  6. There will be one more to make it 13 like Drakes nominations.