Sunday, November 13, 2016

138 | Pepsi commercial of a New York Giants fan winning a purple Bear at carnival while thinking of Odell Beckham

I just noticed this Pepsi commercial today.  A woman in a Giants t-shirt, plays a carnival game and wins a PURPLE bear.  I'm thinking about how the Vikings are in the same division with the Chicago Bears, and the significance of Chicago to the NFL.  Let us not forget the DEATH of Prince, in Minnesota, by the numbers, earlier this year.

Notice how when the man grabs her bear, he goes for the NECK.

Neck = 14+5+3+11 = 33

After she receives her PURPLE bear, she takes a drink of Pepsi.

She then says how this moment must feel like what is to be Odell Beckham when he scores a TD.

Notice how they get 13 and 8 in there.

Donald Trump = 138
7/26/1788 = 7+26+17+88 = 138 (New York date of establishment)

It's probably all just a coincidence, especially in light of the fact that we've been talking about a Giants and Vikings NFC Championship since February of 2016.

If you forgot already, go back and see what was so special about #13's MNF at the Vikings earlier this season.  He had his career worst performance, but what will happen next time should they meet in the NFC Championship?