Sunday, November 13, 2016

33 | 7.8 magnitude quake hits New Zealand, November 13, 2016, causing biggest regional tsunami in 38-years

New Zealand hit with 7.8 quake = 104/257 (257, the 55th prime number)
New Zealand = 42/105
Tsunami = 25/34/97

This news comes November 13, 2016.

11/13/2016 = 11+13+20+16 = 60
11/13/2016 = 11+13+(2+0+1+6) = 33
11/13/2016 = 1+1+1+3+2+0+1+6 = 15
11/13/16 = 11+13+16 = 40

The hardest hit area is 'Kaikoura', reportedly.

Nice tweet time....  Earthquake = 44/53/107


  1. Drop, Cover, Hold=930 lol

    Is that the proper way to pray to Satan??

    1. I wouldn't trust mcdem(38), either.

    2. Drop, cover, hold=74 (reduction)

      I think it's the proper way to pray to any of your '74' messiah's.

      Whichever, it's clear they want you to "bow down". Bow down=33/96.

    3. There two sides of a coin and in numbers...

  2. Oh, another dead musician, Folk-legend Leon Russell.

    1. Apparently nicknamed "Master of Space and Time"......

  3. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center = 133/142/295
    Christchurch = 66/75/138
    Weather Watch New Zealand = 96/240

    These Zionist have a stranglehold on us all. I'm not even surprised anymore. Further action needs to be taken by us Truthseekers. Reading blogs and/or creating our own to further the cause may not be enough anymore. Spreading awareness is paramount to our success, but unless we're out there in public vocalizing our findings then I cannot see the world changing for the better.

  4. Didn't see ANY mention in the article about John Kerry having been in NZ less than 24 hrs before the quake -- stopping by right after he left Antarctica.
    Something BIG has caused Obama, Kerry, Prince Charles & other world leaders to suddenly converge upon Antarctica -- all within a a VERY close time frame. These trips have also been "unprecedented firsts" for them.

    They've quietly signed a Treaty BANNING people "like us" from going to Antarctica AT ALL -- without THEIR Prior Permission. In addition to the No Fly Zone, Privately-Owned Boats are forbidden to travel there. Clearly SOMETHING IMPORTANT is being hidden -- further evidenced by media's near-silence on the travel ban.

    IMO -- get ready for the unveiling of the Holographic Show Of Shows.
    Whether it's alien invasion, God, asteroids, Armageddon -- whatever -- there are WAY too many signs accumulating that this technology will soon be inveiled in a massive public display.
    No matter what we're shown though ... it WON'T Be Real. But -- it WILL create a fantastic, Long-Lasting DISTRACTION. One that will help conceal something even more incredible -- & do so in a big way.

    IMO the Greater Secret has to do with the REAL "Space Program" -- which involves Frequency Manipulation, Harmonic Resonance & Dimensional "Travel" -- NOT "rockets" hurtling into "space". Utilizing these forces with high-technology ... (such as with HAARP) has been proven to trigger side-effects such as earthquakes & tsunamis.

    1. They are definitely up to something. Honestly...if CERN's awake program is doing what some think it might actually be real. I wonder if we will really know that time has been manipulated, or that dimensions have been crossed? Or if they will figure out how to time travel? I don't know...but it has me curious. So look at this...I have been running numbers on Toronto because I heard somewhere that they were looking for crisis actors around that area for later this week and I recall Cheryl ran a bunch of numbers on Friday the 18th and it looks like a pretty interesting day. So anyway...I decided to run antarctica and "quantum leap" just now and I had just run Toronto. Look at freaking weird is this. So I'm a follow your gut/the word on the street kind of girl...tell me this isn't a bit interesting.

      "toronto canada" in the English Gematria system equals 780
      "toronto canada" in the English Ordinal system equals 141
      "toronto canada" in the English Sumerian system equals 846
      "toronto canada" in the English Reduction system equals 51

      "toronto" in the English Reduction system equals 36
      "toronto" in the English Sumerian system equals 702
      "toronto" in the English Ordinal system equals 117
      "toronto" in the English Gematria system equals 720

      "quantum leap" in the English Gematria system equals 1077
      "quantum leap" in the English Ordinal system equals 141
      "quantum leap" in the English Sumerian system equals 846
      "quantum leap" in the English Reduction system equals 42

      "antarctica" English Reduction system equals 36

      "november eighteenth" in the English Sumerian system equals 1170

    2. Antarctica has lots of Glaciers. And BTW Wikileaks just leaked a bunch of new pictures of all of the glaciers in Antarctica. Why? How weird.

      Thinking of Toronto also makes me think of Taurus, the sign associated with violet, the queen, Trump, Dionysus and so on...and it also makes me think of the Torus. The circular energy field. I haven't sorted it all out...but it's interesting...

    3. QUANTUM LEAP...
      Im doing some decodes on the tv show... That show is a gold mine for gematria, numerology and such.. Example..The final episode aired 5/5 (satan) in the year "93" (saturn)
      Sam (=33) his birthdate
      Aug 8 (8/8) 1953
      8+8+19+53= 88

      Notice the creator spells his name 3 different ways...

    4. Oh cool find! I bet that show bares a lot of interesting predictive programming. I used to watch it years ago...but I haven't taken the time to do any research on it. I was thinking of that show though, of course, when I posted my original comment! If you find anything else,I hope you'll share it!

    5. Go to your search engine and type "QUANTUM LEAP 2017 lost episode"... Not sure how true the story is but its... Udunno, read the article!

  5. Secretary of State Kerry was said to be in New Zealand following his visit to the Antarctic on 11/9..... very interesting

  6. Hollow earth has opening in Antarctica. That's the big cover of all time. Do ur research if you don't believe it.


  8. research this guy
    Admiral Richard E Byrd

  9. I have his book John. A hidden world for years from us. Now they say it a no fly zone and no boat zone. RIDICULOUS!!

    1. I'm excited to watch something about his hollow earth theory! I've seen a documentary about his time in Antarctica years ago. This is very interesting. It is complete bs that the public is flat out banned from going there. Clearly they are hiding things.

    2. Hollow Earth was explained in the ORIGINAL "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" by Jules Verne.
      The English & American versions were "dumbed down" & marketed as "adventure for kids to read" (as were ALL of Verne's books). The French (& other European versions) remained as he'd written them -- for Adults ... with a great deal of "science" to back them up.

      He also explained the use of VOLCANIC VENTS to quickly traverse great distances across the planet in a short amount of time. (Ever wonder how the elite pop up all over the planet -- yet never get jet-lagged like we do?!?)

      Something else "uniquely common" about volcanic vents -- that is where the greatest caches of DIAMONDS are found.
      Now we know why the Oppenheimers, et al. have ALWAYS insisted upon complete CONTROL of ACCESS to Diamond mines. The "diamonds" -- & the FALSE VALUE attached to them -- are a RUSE.

      So glad ya'll brought up Hollow Earth! Wanted to say it -- but figured I was already going out on a cliff with what I DID say ... Lol

      TOTALLY AGREE -- Antarctica is where their "Port of Entry" is at!! ;D :D

  10. I hear the world in hollow earth is peaceful and the air is amazing to breathe in. People live to 800 years old among many other fascinating occurrences. One day we should all go there and let's see what they would do to get us away from going to the opening of hollow earth. Better yet, stream it live online as it unfolds! That could be game changing if at all possible.