Wednesday, November 2, 2016

17 33 47 59 71 144 211 | Game 7 of 2016 World Series preview, Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians +Why I said World Series would go to Game 7 September 16, 2016

Today is 98-days from Maddon's birthday; Chosen One = 98 (Think LeBron)
Today is also a span of 99-days from Maddon's birthday; Illinois = 99; Thirteen = 99 *Wildthing wore #99 (Major League)

Thirty-Three = 156

The Series is 3-3, between the teams with the C & C.  C = 3

Cleveland = 33
Indian = 33

*Clinton = 33 (Indians lost '97 WS on Hillary  Clinton's 50th birthday)
*Federal = 33
*Masonry = 33
*Secrecy = 33

Epic = 5+16+9+3 = 33

So here we are, Game 7, November 2, 11/2, or 2/11, of the 112th World Series.

2/11 is a lot like '211', the 47th prime number. (Time = 47)

The walk-off home run by #47, Miguel Montero, was 47-days earlier, September 16.  This is what lead me to confirm my thought there would be a Game 7 in this 112th World Series, on November 2.  Read that post here:

As I pointed out then, this no doubt had ties to the election of the 'President'.

Again, Hillary Clinton, who is running for the 45th President, became first lady in '93.  Last night, Game 6 was heavy on the 93.  Keep in mind the Cleveland Indians were last in the World Series in 1997, which was the 93rd World Series.  Also, yesterday, was 93-days after the last birth of Jose Fernandez, the baseball player who passed on September 25, and who was born July 31.

Also, this MLB season began April 3, 2016, typically the 93rd day of the year and the Cubs became the first team to clinch a playoff birth, with their 93rd win.  That was the day before Miguel Montero helped the Cubs win their 94th game, 47-days ago.  November = 94

Ninety-Four = 57/147 (Cubs won 94th game in 147th game of the season)
World Series = 57/147 (Manager of Indians is 57-years old) (Indians won 94-games)
*Today's game is 94-days from the death of Jose Fernandez

For the latest 93, Game Six was decided with a score of 9-3, in favor of the Chicago Cubs.

Moving on, almost.

The man who hit that winning home run, September 16, 1947, Miguel Montero, his name sums to '68', like 'Barack Obama', and like the amount of years it has been since the Indians won the World Series, 1948-2016.

The name Montero alone, connects to 'Chicago'.

Chicago = 37; Barack Obama = 68

Now, let's get on to Game 7, November 2, 2016.

11/2/2016 = 11+2+20+16 = 49 (Square root of 49 is 7) (Game 7 today)
11/2/2016 = 11+2+(2+0+1+6) = 22
11/2/2016 = 1+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 13 (When you add 1 through 13, it totals 91)
11/2/16 = 11+2+16 = 29 (Ohio = 29/47)

Regarding the 'Thirteen' numerology, consider this:

Saturn, keeper of TIME

Again, this is the first Cubs World Series since 1945.

Now, on to the pitchers.

First, Corey Kluber.

Corey = 3+6+9+5+7 = 30
Scott = 1+3+6+2+2 = 14/23
Kluber = 2/11+3+3+2+5+9 = 24/33
Corey Kluber = 54/63 (Baseball = 54)
Corey Scott Kluber = 68/77/86 (Indians have not won World Series for 68-years)

*Remember how Miguel Montero sums to '68'

Corey = 3+15+18+5+25 = 66 (Curse) (World Series)
Scott = 19+3+15+20+20 = 77
Kluber = 11+12+21+2+5+18 = 69
Corey Kluber = 135 (The Key of David) (Wrigley Field)
Corey Scott Kluber = 212

He was born on April 10, 1986, the 100th day of the year.  Playoffs = 100

4/10/1986 = 4+10+19+86 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Master Plan)
4/10/1986 = 4+10+(1+9+8+6) = 38 (Murphy) (Cubs would be 3-8 in World Series if they won)
4/10/1986 = 4+1+0+1+9+8+6 = 29 (Cubs would be 2-9 in World Series if they lost)
4/10/86 = 4+10+86 = 100 (Playoffs) (Born on 100th day of the year)

This game comes 206-days (span of 207) after his birthday, and 159-days to his upcoming (span of 160).

Now, Kyle Hendricks, the man of 'Time'.

First, his Pearl Harbor Day birth numerology.  Keep in mind 'Pearl Harbor Day' has gematria connecting to 'Time' and 'Hendricks'.

Forty-Four = 144
Seventy-One = 144
Kyle Hendricks = 144
Pearl Harbor Day = 144
*Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria)

12/7/1989 = 12+7+19+89 = 127 (31st prime) (Coming back from 3-1?)
12/7/1989 = 12+7+(1+9+8+9) = 46 (Hendricks) (Chicago Cubs) (Chicago) (Game Three)
12/7/1989 = 1+2+7+1+9+8+9 = 37 (Chicago) (Game Seven)
12/7/89 = 12+7+89 = 108 (108-years since Cubs last win)

This game comes 35-days before his birthday (span of 36), and 331-days after, or a span of 332-.

With regards to his name synching with 'TIME', consider that 'SATURN' or '93', is the 'KEEPER OF TIME'.  'Time' also has gematria of '47' and '144'.

Now his name gematria.

Kyle Hendricks = 63/72/90/144 (6'3") (1 through 63, totals 2016)
Kyle Christian Hendricks = 110/128/146/245
Hendricks = 91; Chicago Cubs = 91

From the start of the season, April 3, 2016, to today's Game 7 of the World Series, is 213-days.

Today, November 2, is the day that leaves 59-days left in the year, the 17th prime number.

Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria); Kill = 17 (Pythagorean Gematria); 213 connected to killing...

RIP Jose Fernandez

Ohio is the 17th State, and 17 is the reflection of 71.  Prior to this year, it was 71-years since the Cubs were in a World Series.  Can they break their curse in Cleveland, the 108-year World Series drought?  Remember, Cleveland came into the World Series, 7-1 in the postseason, on the date the World Series began, 10-25-2016.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71

There has been '71' tributes in each game.  Last night, Game 6, the score was momentarily 7-1.  That was the latest.

Final point...

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

I also spy something for the starters on the mound, 'World Series' related.


  1. I hope that the powers that be throw a curve ball and Cleveland wins it. I hadon't a feeling it would go 7. This year has been crazy with sports. This series just goes along with it.

    1. The powers that be don't care how you feel and who you want to win just accept that the game is rigged.

    2. Yea, why do you hope a rigged sport goes in your favor? Hope for better things, like some of these brain dead fucking losers wise up and contribute to the Truthseeker Network Revolution.

    3. Zach.. I love the city of Cleveland. When the Cavs won it gave a whole new life to that city. I don't live there, but I have family there. I myself been very suspicious about sports being rigged since the 97 season. I was in middle school then. I admire your work... you show in detail why it is the way it is. But just bcuz it's rigged doesn't mean I will stop enjoying it. I'm not glued to sports like most ppl in this country. And I buy the merchandise no more like I used to. But this year's WS I do hope the Indians win... just for Cleveland. Hope that makes sense.

  2. "Wild Thing" is all over the news today...

    Gotta love how the article below starts...

    "There are 333 synonyms for the word "stoic"" lol.

  3. Interesting numerology start to this nytimes article...
    CLEVELAND — It was 71 degrees at game time — which was 7:10 p.m. back in Chicago — when Josh Tomlin threw a baseball with 108 stitches to Dexter Fowler. This was the start of Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday, when the Chicago Cubs faced elimination against the Cleveland Indians.

    Of course, every baseball has 108 stitches, but not every baseball team has gone 108 years without a championship. Only one team has. Only one team has gone 71 years without a pennant. This is a franchise supposedly cursed by a billy goat and a black cat. Silly omens matter.

    It was the Cubs’ night, from start to finish, as they thumped the poor Indians, 9-3, to set up the 37th winner-take-all game in World Series history. The Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks will face the Indians’ Corey Kluber.

  4. Looks good for the Cubs tonight. As it has all season

  5. Corey Kluber has birth numerology of 100,38 & 29

    100 (Wednesday=100, one hundred=54 Corey kluber=54 one hundred=108)

    38 (thirty eight=149 one hundred forty nine=108)

    29 (twenty nine=149 one hundred forty nine=108)

    Also one hundred forty four=108

  6. Hey zach, have you noticed anything about today being the the day of the dead?

  7. Not sure if this means anything but Bill Murray, a lifelong Cubs fan, is staying at a Hotel in Cleveland and his room # is 2016.

  8. For the game Jim Thome a former Indian is throwing out the first pitch. Jim Thome=93
    Game ball to be delivered by Travis Hafner another former Indian. Travis Hafner=112
    Hafner wore #48 , while Corey Kluber is trying to become the first pitcher in 48 years to start and win 3 WS games. 1948 was Indians last WS title

  9. number 17 bryant had a pretty good night ...

  10. Jim Thome was on the 2005 white Sox team.
    First WS grand slam in 2005
    First tie since 2005

    Cubs win

  11. Hey zach, after the game a reprter was talking to bryant, and he talked about the rain delay being 17 minutes long, who mentions the time of a rain delay, anyways the word 17 as u may know = 66. Like 66 chapters in the book of isaiah which also has 3 of them having 6 verses. 36÷6=6