Wednesday, November 2, 2016

13 41 45 93 99 | Did Charlie Sheen curse the Indians in Game 4 of the 2016 World Series, November 1, 2016 news

Notice it was GAME 4.

It was GAME 4 of 1945 that the 'Curse of the Billygoat' began.

Again, let us revisit what is significant about the character Ricky Vaughn, #99, played by Charlie Sheen, in 1989.

First, the character's name 'Ricky Vaughn' and the connection to Freemasonry'.

Vaughn = 73; Chicago = 37; Hillary Clinton = 73

Remember what that movie has to do with a woman taking over the team after 'Donald' is gone.

His name, also called 'Rick Vaughn', sums to '51' and '114'.

Conspiracy = 51; Cleveland = 51; LeBron James = 51/114

We're closing out the time of the 114th Congress right now.  Federal = 33/51; Cleveland = 33/51

Of course his number 99 connects to 'Illinois'.

Remember, the Indians and Cubs came into this World Series 9-9.  They are currently 12-12.

12x12 = 144 (Time = 144) (Kyle Hendricks = 144) (Hillary Rodham = 144)

Whoever wins next, wins #13.

Read about the Cubs and Indians 9-9 all-time series prior to the 2016 World Series here: 

With regards to '13', let us look at 'Game Four' one more time.

U.S.A. = 41; 13 colonies; 13 stripes...

'Thirteen' also connects back to '45', like the year the 'Curse of the Billygoat' began.

Regarding '13', check this out with Chicago Cubs and '112'.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

Final point, Charlie Sheen's birthday is also on September 3, or 9/3, like '93', the big number on the World Series, where Game 6 finished 9-3.

Conspiracy = 51/60; Cleveland = 51

From Charlie Sheen's birthday to November 2, Game 7, is 60-days, or a span of 61-days.

Checkout the '131' connection as well.

6/19/2016 = 6+19+20+16 = 61 (Finals = 61) (Last game of NBA Finals) (610-610 GS & CLE)

Also, '61' has a parallel to baseball.


  1. Hendricks born in 1989 like the year "Major League" came out.

  2. Uh oh wild thing pitching tonight. Cubs are dead

  3. Day of the Dead=98, 588, 588

    Dia de Mortes=113, 378J(CURSE)

    1. 378J= Sugar, like the skulls eaten today

    2. And we go from a Curse from the Tigers to

      Curse of the Tiger's Blood=227

      And Kluber is known for his curveball.

      I like Jesus very much. But he no help hit curveball.

      Are you trying to tell me the Lors Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curveball?

      I say, Fuck you, Jobu. I do it myself.

  4. Yankees famous 61 team
    I believe bully crystal wrote a book on 61.
    He's also another actor/comedian that roots
    For the Cubs.
    Running scared, great movie!

  5. "The Curse of Rick Vaughn" = 99, 108, 117, 234, 1404, & 1605

    I'm sure its just a coincidence....Everyone can go back to bed now.

  6. They just showed him arriving in Cleveland...Shall I pound the Cubs now? lol

  7. A bit off topic there's a connection with Charlie aka Chuck Sheen -(not his real name), Shears, Scissors ✂, Sheep/Goat and Billy short for William, Goat(Kid). Didn't do any Gematria on it but it seems to me to be a joke, most likely an inside joke.