Saturday, October 8, 2016

27 45 47 107 108 119 147 | Major League (movie) and possible clues for the 2016 World Series

Is the riddle, or part of the riddle for the 2016 World Series in the film Major League?  I ask because this is the season that the Chicago Cubs curse of 108-years may very well be broken.

Of course the are 108 stitches on a baseball.  Last night, in the Cubs first playoff game, the winning home run was hit on the 108th pitch.

In movie history, the Cubs have parallels to Miami, such as Back to the Future, and in Major League, the Cleveland Indians are facing movie to Miami.  This season we also saw the death of the Florida Marlin, by the numbers, seemingly as a tribute to the Cubs, who the Marlins have playoff history with.  See Steve Bartman incident.

Miami = 45; Illinois = 45; We just saw the Cleveland Cavs win their 45th NBA Season

With the Cleveland Cavs breaking their curse in 2016, it might make sense of their baseball team to play against the Cubs, who have the longest curse going in the MLB.

The release date of the film is notable, April 7, 1989.

4/7/1989 = 4+7+19+89 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
4/7/1989 = 4+7+1+9+8+9 = 38
4/7/89 = 4+7+89 = 100 (Playoffs = 100)

The film came out 27-years ago.

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27

*It has been 71-years since the Cubs were last in the World Series, 1945.

Now notice the length of the film, 1:47, or '107' minutes.  It has been 108-year since the Cubs won the World Series, but only 107-seasons because of the lockout season.  Regarding the '1:47', that is a lot like '147', the number for 'World Series'.

If I get a chance, I'll watch this film over the weekend to see if any greater clues are within.

***I just turned it on to see if there was anything interesting in the beginning...

Without Donald here?  Well, we'll find out if that is a coincidence or some serious predictive programming.  If the Cubs are in the World Series, no doubt it will be a tribute to Barack and Hillary.

Here's another shot from the beginning.  34?  16?

Indians = 34 (Indians in 2016?)

Notice the main character in the film wears #99.  That has a parallel to Chicago and Illinois.

Charlie Sheen's character is known as 'Wild Thing'.  Remember, on a baseball, there are 108 stitches, but only 106 that are visible.

In Back to the Future, it is a 'USA Today' that forecasts a Cubs and Miami World Series.  Again, through the films Major League and Back to the Future, there seems to be a triangulation between Chicago, Cleveland and Miami.

Of course, the Indians lost to the Miami Marlins in the '97 World Series, 19-years ago.

For this year's MLB playoffs, 2016, notice that the Cubs start their playoff run against the Giants, and the Indians start against the Boston Red Sox.  Those were the teams involved in the 1904 World Series, that never occurred.  Well, they were the Boston Americans then...