Thursday, November 10, 2016

19 37 57 91 131 | Thursday Night Football Preview, Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens +Cleveland's got a chance!

Baltimore Ravens = 66/75/174 (Notice the 7.5 spread)

11/10/2016 = 11+10+20+16 = 57 (Notice the game temperature of 57 degrees)
11/10/2016 = 11+10+(2+0+1+6) = 30
11/10/2016 = 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 12
11/10/16 = 11+10+16 = 37 (Browns = 37)

Baltimore = 41/95; Ravens = 25/34/79; Baltimore Ravens = 66/75/174
Cleveland = 33/78; Browns = 28/37/91; Cleveland Browns = 61/70/169

What a game!  Remember, the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens, then the Cleveland Browns earned their own football team back.

This will be the 36th game between both teams all-time, with the Ravens leading the series 26-9.  A win would put them at 27, a loss, at number 10.

Notice the Ravens won the last game earlier this season, 25-20.  Ravens = 25

The sum of 45 is interesting.  This game comes after the election of the 45th President.  The Colts are also currently 4-5, the team originally from Baltimore.

It has been 53-days since the September 18 game, or a span of 54-days.

With a win, the Ravens could improve to 5-4, something like '54'.

Let's take a peek at the QBs.

For the Browns, Cody Kessler, for the Ravens, Joe Flacco.

Cody Kessler = 46/64/136
Joe Flacco = 34/70 (Ravens = 25/34)

Cody Kessler is 23-years old, having a May 11, 1993 birthday.  His 23rd birthday was 183-days ago (span 184) and his upcoming birthday is 182-days (span 183) from today.  In other words, he is right in the middle.

Joe Flacco, 31-years old, was born January 16, 1985.  His last birthday was 299-days ago (300 span) and his upcoming is in 67-days (span of 68).

Now their stats.  This will be Joe Flacco's 146th game all-time, and his 131st regular season game.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131

If Joe Flacco were to lose, in a big upset, he would earn his 57th loss all-time.

This will be Cody Kessler's 7th game, he is still looking for his first win.  It would be something if he earned his first W against the teams that was once the Cleveland Browns.

Let us also examine the head coaches.

Hue Jackson = 35/44/107
John Harbaugh = 59/113 (Also has birth numerology of '113')

Hue Jackson was born October 22, 1965.  This game comes 19 days after his birthday.  If he were to win, the Browns would become 1-9. To his next birthday, is 346-days.

John Harbaugh was born September 23, 1962.  From his birthday to today's game is 48-days, and to his upcoming birthday is 317-days.

317 is the 66th prime.  Baltimore Ravens = 66; NFL = 66; Harbaugh = 66

Let us examine their respective records.

This will be Hue Jackson's 26th game all-time, and 10th game with the Browns.  He is looking for his first win with the Browns, his 10th career win all-time.

For John Harbaugh, this will be his 137th game, the 33rd prime.  Cleveland = 33

He is looking for his 82nd win, or 56th loss.

Let us also examine the teams Thursday Night Football records.

The Browns are currently 3-5 all-time on Thursday Night Football.  A win would put them at 4-5, a loss at 3-6, in the 36th game all-time between the Browns and Ravens.

The Ravens, are 5-2.  Ravens = 52 (S & V exceptions)

On Thursday Night, the two teams have played each other one time before, the Ravens won.

The date was September 27, 2012, and the Ravens won with a combined 39-points.  Harbaugh = 39

9/27/2012 = 9+27+20+12 = 68
9/27/2012 = 9+27+(2+0+1+2) = 41 (Baltimore)
9/27/2012 = 9+2+7+2+0+1+2 = 23 (Won with 23)
9/27/12 = 9+27+12 = 48
9/27 = 9+27 = 36 (November 10, 2016, will be the 36th game between teams)

Depending on the odds, the Browns might be worth the risk tonight.  What I like is the 19-days from the coach's birthday, and the opportunity for a symbolic win against what was the old Browns team, bring the current Browns to 1-9.  Browns = 91

As for the stadium the game is being played at, M&T Bank Stadium, it is right for TNF.

*Bonus thought!  The nation's capital isn't too far from Baltimore, and today the Cleveland Cavaliers were in town celebrating their championship, on '57' day.  Recall, the Cavs won 57-games in the regular season this year.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131