Thursday, November 10, 2016

57 115 144 216 | Cleveland Cavaliers and Donald Trump visit the White House, November 10, 2016

Today is 10/11 or 11/10, or 1011 or 1110.

Donald Trump and the Cleveland Cavaliers are at the White House, November 10, 2016.... and not by "coincidence".  Remember, Trump has his convention in Cleveland, home of the (216).

6x6x6 = 216 (The NBA Finals = 666, English Gematria)

The Lincoln assassinations were 216-weeks apart, February 23, 1861 - April 14, 1865

From Obama's birthday August 4, until today, is 98-days, tying in nicely with LeBron James's 'Chosen One' tattoo.

LeBron James was born in 1984, that special year.  You might recall, the final week of the NBA Finals, he was often referred to as the "Godfather'.  He also won the championship on a Sunday.

Notice the two pillars.  Down below, you'll see the "two stooges".

Recall, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals, June 19, just before Donald Trump's July 18, 2016 GOP Convention, prior to the election.

Today's date is fitting, November 10, 2016.

11/10/2016 = 11+10+20+16 = 57

Remember, the Cavs won 57 games in the regular season, the championship number, the 'Scottish Rite' number.  Also, we just saw the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, another sports championship centered around '57'.

The Indians Manager, Terry Francona, was 57-years old.  Also, Theo Epstein, Manager of the Cubs, won the World Series 57-days before his 43rd birthday.  Yale = 43

For some Presidential history fun, look up how many Presidents have been inaugurated at age 57, including the first recognized, George Washington.

From the date the Cavs won, June 19, 2016, the real King James's birthday, until today, is 144-days.

Remember, '144' represents 'time' in Jewish Gematria.

The decimal points of Pi sum to '666'.  6x6x6 = 216

Obama is the 44th President, Donald Trump is going to be the 44th person to be President.

44 and 144 have a lot to do with Presidents' deaths, and Presidential hopefuls's deaths of years past.

From the date of Trump's Cleveland Convention to the day he is in the White House, is 115-days.  Trump is going to become President with the new 115th Congress.

11/22/1963 = 11+22+19+63 = 115

Recall, Trump's campaign lasted from June 16, 2015, to November 8, 2016.

Okay, now onto the two stooges.

Red and blue and totally rigged.

On election night, notice the Cavs played the Atlanta Hawks, and the final scored summed to 216 points, just like Game 6 of the NBA Finals, the final games of the Series.

110+106 = 216

Notice the team from Cleveland also got their first loss of the season.

Second = 33 (33 points in second quarter) (ATL = 33) (Atlanta, on the 33rd parallel)

The scores of 110 and 106 are both relevant.  Remember, Trump was at the 'Rockefeller' location on election night.

With regards to 106, the number of prophecy, Hillary was in Philadelphia, 106-days before election day, the original home of the Warriors, who the Cavs defeated in the NBA Finals.

The stadium the Warriors lost in his 106' tall, and they lost in Game 7, June 19, in their 106th game of the entire NBA season.

Also, with regards to the team being the Hawks, they're from Georgia, one of two states with a '44' gematria.  This is a transition of power in this election, from the 44th President, to the 44th person to be President, which will be Donald Trump.

Atlanta and Phoenix are also the only two NBA teams from the 33rd Parallel.  As we know, Barack Obama congratulated Donald Trump at 3:30 in the morning, emphasis on 33.

Notice Atlanta is also on the 84th Meridian.  Trump is a Jesuit, having attended Fordham, the Jesuit University.

That same night, another game that stood out was Minnesota 100, New Jersey 119.  Minnesota is the lone state with '110' gematria, and they lost with '110'.  Also, Donald Trump has major New Jersey connections, and he was announced as the President in the early hours of November 9, 2016.

Donald Trump was named the 45th President, on the 27-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 2016.  Berlin Wall = 45 (45th President); Wall = 48; Donald Trump = 48

You have to love the '33' '33' opening quarter.

Last point, I am reminded that the Warriors won 88 total games last season, and their 88th win came exactly 88-days after Steph Curry's birthday.


  1. Joe Flacco playing his 131st game against Cleveland tonight on day with 57 numerology. Fifty seven =131. Flacco=113 which is close to 131.The span of days from today to Flacco's next bday is 68 days. BAL=1044 like 144. Today to Superbowl is 87 days or 2months & 27 days like pi = 22/7.

    P.S. Everyone should donate to Zach! C'mon Man!

  2. Hey guys,interesting soccer match... usa v Mexico this Friday,being played in Ohio.

    Wonder how that turns out !!


  3. Donald John trump = 68.
    Cody David kessler = 68.
    All of this 115 and 511 fits nice with kesslers may 11th date of birth.
    Definitely a tribute in tonight's game especially with baltimore wearing all purple.
    Maryland = 88. Purple = 88. Trump = 88.

  4. houston also had the 11/19 score connections

  5. Are the Browns in all orange tonight?

    Purple + Orange = Brown

  6. Dude the kids in LA haven't stopped protesting trump since the election there's hundreds and hundreds of young people taking a stand they stopped the flow of commerce last night and all went onto the 101 freeway I know right now it's a bit toy and at the baby stages like "fuck trump!" And "not my president!" But This energy should be used to overthrow the Zionist Freemason network

  7. Netanyahu and Pope Francis have already publically supported Trump 100%. Lol @ people who think Trump is anti-establishment.

  8. Here's a funny one Richard Sherman got fined today $9115 by the NFL for the hit on the kicker in that Buffalo game. Like 911, 511

    1. Great point. 115th Congress and 911. In my view that was just an election day distraction with the whole penalty. By design.

  9. Just thinking about the show House of Cards and president underwoods connections to trump. House of cards, trump card, cmon. Then there's the illuminati card game cards portraying trump. We're insulted more and more by the day.... This world man.