Monday, November 14, 2016

24 31 33 37 87 99 | SNF, Seahawks over Patriots, November 13, 2016, box score observations

97 seconds, 97th season of the NFL, Bill Belichick = 97

137, 33rd prime
11/13/2016 = 11+13+(2+0+1+6) = 33

Notice the Patriots lost with '24'.  Seahawks = 24/33/42/51

33 points scored in the first half, 22 in the second half, for a sum of 55.  All numbers divisible by '11'.  The Seahawks also won with '31', the 11th prime number.

Notice Wilson's 37 attempts.  Patriots = 37/46

You have to like the Seahawks 96 rushing yards as well.  The divisors of '42' sum to '96'.  Again, this game was on the 42nd Parallel, and Seattle is from Washington, the 42nd State.

I like that the leading receiver for the Seahawks had '87'.  Seahawks = 87

Again, Pete Carroll, who coached New England before Bill Belichick arrived, earned his 99th career win last night, in his first game in New England since coaching there in 1999.

New England = 99

Next week the 199th pick of the 2000 draft, Tom Brady, will get his 199th win in Santa Clara, is hometown, at Levi's Stadium.

199, the 46th prime
Michigan = 46
Patriots = 46
Levi's Stadium = 46


  1. six, two and one" in the English Reduction system equals 55

    Seahawks current records sums to 55, the amount of points scored in last nights game.

  2. Same score as Miami vs San Diego game ;-)

  3. Same score as Miami vs San Diego game ;-)

  4. SNF game scheduled to air for 11/27 has been switched from Pats/Jets to Chiefs/Broncos.

    1. 66th win as HC of the Seahawks, 99th overall

    2. I will take NY Giants over Cincy the game is being played in Jersey New Jersey in Chaldean Gematria equals 33.

  5. total of 55 week I see 9 teams going to 5-5... I'm thinking Lions go 6-4 though,playing Jaguars

  6. alshon jeffery just got suspended for peds lmao. What makes them suspend some players when they all take it.

  7. any riddles on lions winning nfc north?