Monday, November 14, 2016

74 83 119 164 | Lucky Whitehead, Dallas Cowboys kick returner, #13, another manchurian

This man's name was discussed throughout the Week 10 Game of the 2016 NFL season, Cowboys over Steelers, in Pittsburgh.

Let us begin with the name 'Rodney Whitehead'.  Looks like he was a born football player, destined to be a 'Cowboy'.

The nickname Lucky Whitehead is also interesting.  Lucky Whitehead = 65/74/155/930

Notice Lucky wears #13, considered to be "unlucky".  Dallas = 13

It reminds me of Andrew Luck, who missed his first NFL game on a date with '13' numerology, where his team went to overtime that game, 13-13.

Lucky's birthday also pops out, June 2, 1992.

6/2/1992 = 6+2+19+92 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
6/2/1992 = 6+2+1+9+9+2 = 29 (Football) (Cowboy)
6/2/92 = 6+2+92 = 100

Yesterday's big won over the Steelers, November 13, 2016, came 164-days after his birthday.

Again, Rodney wears #13.  On this day, the Cowboys beat the Steelers, who they lost to in Super Bowl 13, once upon a time.  In doing so, the Cowboys improved to 8-1.

Pittsburgh Steelers = 81

The Steelers currently lead the Cowboys by one Super Bowl win.


  1. Man, he must have come off the same stem cell as Roddy White. They look like siblings. And no, all black people don't look alike. But these two do!!

  2. We said roddy white could be the Super Bowl clue early. Dallas has some solid connections