Monday, November 14, 2016

Rumors heating up Donald Trump will make Chris Christie his attorney General, November 14, 2016 reporting

It is rumored Donald Trump will make Chris Christie, CC, 33, his Attorney General.  Here is a story about their political love affair.


  1. Bromance=71, 211(Mason)

    Political Bromance=168, 1008(New York City)

    Back Scratchers=131

  2. I think so too, because Chris Christie is a Christ name twice, and NJ is the third state. Plus, he gives off such a mafia-type persona, he's perfect actor for The Don-ald (himself an actor).

    I think it's all been done. We live in the past, watching lil prerecorded mini movies that they pretend are happening LIVE and then the pundits riff off them and lead us to the next page and the next. Thinking of yourself as an audience member instead of a concerned citizen (the part they want you to play) helps you to look at it with a bit more clarity, it helps me anyway.

    1. I like your phrasing "pre-recorded mini movies". Do you think people are really rioting or are these news reports more crisis actors at work?

    2. I think most people are too busy and too law-abiding to riot. Especially Hillary fans...gimme a break. I took my mother to the polling place to vote and hardly anyone was there, and that was in the morning. There didnt seem to be much excitement for this election. If there are gatherings then they are being exaggerated, but I think it's probably the professional rioters that we are being shown.

      Have you seen the newest BS fad the "mannequin challenge"? Google Hillary and friends "posing." It's interesting to me because I've often thought so many of the pictures of supposed celebrities look like Madame Tussauds Wax mannequins.

  3. Donald J Trump=888
    Chris Christie=888
    False Flags=88