Monday, November 7, 2016

25 26 31 33 82 103 | MNF, Buffalo @ Seattle, November 7, 2016, final box score notes

It was the 31st MNF game for the Seahawks.

It was Rex Ryan's 25th game as the coach of the Bills.  It was also the Bills 25th loss on MNF.

President = 56; Tyrod Taylor = 56; Tyrod came into the game 5-6 on the road

Wilson's 282 passing yards in his 82nd career game are something else.

Seattle = 19/28/82

Nice 10.8 average as well.  The 26 attempts also go with the (206) area code for Seattle.

And did the Seahawks seriously have 33 rushing yards on MNF?

MNF = 33
Seahawks = 33

At halftime I pointed out that Jimmy Graham seemed to be used as a ritual for the 'Curse of the Billygoat'.  Notice he finished with 103 receiving yards, plus his two one handed TD grabs.

Billygoat = 103; Cubs won 103 games this year in regular season

Washington, the 42nd State; Buffalo, on the 42nd parallel

Forty-Two = 142
2:22 is 142 seconds




I rest my case.


Also interesting!  '45' was a big number on the game, it was the tribute at halftime and a number that showed up a lot on Sunday.  Super Bowl 45, was won by the Packers, who the Seahawks are a farm team of (not technically but truly), over the Steelers, with a score of 31-25.  Keep in mind Russell Wilson is from Wisconsin, where he played his college ball.