Monday, November 7, 2016

25 26 31 33 82 103 | MNF, Buffalo @ Seattle, November 7, 2016, final box score notes

It was the 31st MNF game for the Seahawks.

It was Rex Ryan's 25th game as the coach of the Bills.  It was also the Bills 25th loss on MNF.

President = 56; Tyrod Taylor = 56; Tyrod came into the game 5-6 on the road

Wilson's 282 passing yards in his 82nd career game are something else.

Seattle = 19/28/82

Nice 10.8 average as well.  The 26 attempts also go with the (206) area code for Seattle.

And did the Seahawks seriously have 33 rushing yards on MNF?

MNF = 33
Seahawks = 33

At halftime I pointed out that Jimmy Graham seemed to be used as a ritual for the 'Curse of the Billygoat'.  Notice he finished with 103 receiving yards, plus his two one handed TD grabs.

Billygoat = 103; Cubs won 103 games this year in regular season

Washington, the 42nd State; Buffalo, on the 42nd parallel

Forty-Two = 142
2:22 is 142 seconds




I rest my case.


Also interesting!  '45' was a big number on the game, it was the tribute at halftime and a number that showed up a lot on Sunday.  Super Bowl 45, was won by the Packers, who the Seahawks are a farm team of (not technically but truly), over the Steelers, with a score of 31-25.  Keep in mind Russell Wilson is from Wisconsin, where he played his college ball.


  1. More tributes to Clinton as well.

    Seahawks record goes 5-2-1. 521 is the 98th Prime, Seahawks coach picked up win 98. 5-2 like prophecy, washingtons were the next president will reside, bills drop to 4-5 before the 45th election, Rex ryan former coach of the NYJ Trumps running out of Queens New York.

    If you include play off games it was also his 73rd win as seahawks coach. Hillary Clinton - 73.

    I made a post on another thread documenting the importance of the Orlando Magic @ Chicago Bulls game and how it had complete parallels to the election and who would win it.

    Bulls blew out magic and won with 112 points which is the number thats been around everywhere at the moment. Bulls shot 47% FG and had 56 Rebounds.. President = 47/56.

    The Magic finished the half with 52 points, on my other post i showed how this game was very much a game of prophecy with the bulls having all links with a Hillary win if they won the game, If magic won it would have signaled a donald trump victory by the numbers.

    The h2h record now stands at this.

    Orlando Magic - 47 wins (President)
    Chicago Bulls - 52 wins (Prophecy)

    99th Match up. Illonis = 99 (Hillarys birthplace)

    The Starters if the Bulls scored 69 points matching Hillarys age and all that bullshit about her being the perfect age for a woman to run for president.

    The 112 may have been a tribute to the cubs, Bulls have gone 4-3 on the season like the cubs 4-3 win in the final. Orlando Magic - 112, Chicago Bulls - 112. Like on the other thread i documented lots of 112 in sports this week and coming up.

    The original posts are on the Ireland v New Zealand rugby thread if anyone wants to check them out, ive put a little bit on the UFC event and how it connects to Clinton and how Ireland soccer team who's playing the same day McGregor fights has connections to a McGregor win.

  2. Found something interesting about Saturn the keeper of time you may already know this.

    In Roman Mythology Saturn is the god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also a god of TIME.
    His reign was depicted as a Golden Age.

    Romans used to celebrate Saturn in the month of December called Saturnalia this was a time of feasting and gift giving.... Sound familiar? Christmas?

    Romans called Saturn, Saturnus = 25.
    December 25th?

    I'd be very interested to find out what day the first ever christmas was recorded, they say not only the planet was named after Saturn but also the day Saturday. The 6th day of the week, Christmas the day that leaves 6 days remaining in the year.

    Check this out, they say the first ever Christmas was recorded 25/12/336.

    25+12+336 = 373.
    373 (74th Prime)
    Jesus, Messiah, Lucifer, Joshua, Gospel = 74.

    Was Jesus a person or just the replica of the sun?

    SUN of god = 38.
    Christmas = 38.

    Further proof Christianity is just Sun worship?
    SUNday the day of worship, Sunday = 21. Saturn = 21.

    7th day of the week, 7th prime = 17. Rest = 17.

    1. Sunday is not the true sabbath day because Sunday is the first day of the week and not the last. Friday evening to Saturday evening is the real sabbath.

    2. Winter Solstice = Jesus (SUN of god) rising from the dead on the 3rd day.

    3. Sunday = SUN
      Monday = Lundi (french) = lunar = MOON
      Tuesday = Mardi (french) = MARS
      Wednesday = Mercredi (french) = MERCURY
      Thursday = Jeudi (french) = JUPITER
      Friday = Vendredi (french) = VENUS
      Saturday = Saturn day = SATURN = SATAN = sabbath day to worship Satan

    4. I find it interesting that they named The 6th day of the week and the 6th planet after saturn.

      Christmas leaving 6 days left in the year. 666 - Prophecy.

    5. There is an interesting theory (if you're unfamiliar), and according to many ancient mythologies, Saturn was our former sun, and it was stationary and so it never set, hence the "golden age".

  3. Zach, are you aware of the Redskins rule? A big "COINCIDENCE" where the last Washington Redskins home game prior to the Presidential election predicts the outcome based on incumbent party.

    According to Wikipedia, it's worked 17 out of 19 times from 1940-2012 (worked every single year 1940-2000). There's a lot of juicy decoding to be done with this, but something really popped out at me when I was looking at it.

    In 1992, the Incumbent party was Republican with GHW Bush. The New York Giants (Clinton connection big time) defeated the Redskins 24-7. Clinton went on to defeat Bush.

    In 1996, the Incumbent party was Democrat with Bill Clinton. The Washington Redskins defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-16. Clinton defeats Dole.

    24+7 = 31
    31+16 = 47
    31 the reflection of 13. Thirteen = 99, 45. Eli Manning's 13th season

    Luck = 47. 47th SB of modern era.

    The only other time the Redskins rule involved either the Giants or Colts was in 1968, NYG won and Nixon was elected. 1968 and New York again.

  4. Most news networks are talking about how it's been 96 years since women got the right to vote lol (Freemason=96)

  5. Today people get to fake vote for

    'The lesser of two evils'=86 R 113 S-exception (Dishonest/Mainstream=113)



    2. Without looking at any numbers...doesn't it just feel like Pittsburgh wins? They're coming off a crummy game, Ben's not 100%, and the Cowboys could not seem any hotter after pounding the Browns. In the NFL, this seems like a lock for Pittsburgh.

      I just looked at the spread, and betting trap confirmed...Pittsburgh favored by 3. Seriously! How could you not take the Cowboys with that spread?

      At least, that's what they want you to think. I look forward to finding numbers supporting my claim that the Steelers win it and cover the spread. :)