Thursday, November 17, 2016

27 117 188 | Heavy Metal Magazine, July 1, 1990, Donald Trump and "The Wall"

Notice above from the story list, part 5 is "The Wall".  According to what someone wrote me, that is the part of the story Donald Trump appears in.  I have not read it myself so I cannot verify, but he is a character in this story, involving "The Wall".

The date of the issue was a date with '27' numerology.  Trump was announced as the 45th President on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

7/1/1990 = 7+1+1+9+9+0 = 27
7/1/1990 = 7+1+19+90 = 117 (Central Intelligence Agency)

Step into a Slim Jim.


  1. Every time i believe my head is just spinning due to good medicinal, its truly due to things like this..

  2. 'Opiates are the drugs of the masses' was inscribed on the wall in the magazine.

    That's pretty significant, considering crack and cocaine the bad drugs of the time, narcotics, at least they are not opioids right?

    Opiates contain opioids, synthesized from Opium, like codeine, heroin, opium, pharmies, and others (90% of world supply from Afghanistan)

    1. The legal addictions, mostly. Big Pharm=Crowd Control.

    2. The point is big pharmacy wasn't as big in 1990, with painkillers, that's a simple fact.

    3. @InsaneUnknown Precisely . I could sense that was the message you were going for , and I agree 100%. very very reminiscent of words spoken/concepts discussed in the infamous Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"... eerily spot on actually.

  3. Zach you mentioned about slide 313 in the JFK assassination, 313* is the 65th prime and Trump is coded with 65's.

    Trump was born in 1946, 19+46=65
    He went to 'Fordham'=65
    His book 'The America we deserve' came out 605 days before 9/11 happened
    'President elect'=65 R
    He was elected on 11/8, which is the 313th* day of the year in leap years, 313* is the 65th prime number
    'Sixty five'=49 R 58 S-exception 139 O(Revelation=49) (Freemasonry=58, trump is 58th term president)
    'Sixty Five'=1619 in Jewish gematria, 16+19=35, JFK was the 35th president

    This may be a stretch, but in regards to 'sixty five'=139 which is the 34th prime it makes me think back to the 34th president, Eisenhower. He came before JFK and JFK was assassinated right after and Eisenhower has some ties to the current presidential numbers. D (4) E (5) a lot like 45 like the current president number and 'Eisenhower'=58 R like the current term number.
    Eisenhower also has a 10/14 birthday. (World war=114, Eisenhower served in both world wars) (Trump card=114, President of the united states=114, 411 (assassin)inverted)
    Also Eisenhower's numerology=114, 10+14+90=114
    Eisenhower born in 1890 (189) (The America we deserve=189)(Trump became president 189 days after becoming the republican presumptive nominee) ((Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)
    Eisenhower died in 1969, 19+69=88 (Trump=88)
    The day he died was 3/28/1969, 3+28+19+69=119 (Donald=119, officially announced president on 11/9)

    *The clincher for me is this though 'Dwight David Eisenhower'=115 R (Trump's book came out that date, coming in with the 115th congress, became president 511 days after starting campaign.

    To me it seems Eisenhower is connected to Trump and was possibly even sacrificed in 1969 for the future Trump presidency, and since Eisenhower came right before the JFK assassination maybe this is the sign that Trump will also possibly suffer the same fate as JFK.

    1. Also when Eisenhower died on 3/28/1969 Trump was exactly 1189 weeks old;

      Eisenhower born in 1890 (189) (The America we deserve=189)(Trump became president 189 days after becoming the republican presumptive nominee) ((Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)

      And he was exactly 8323 days old, 83+23=106 (prophecy=106)
      or 22 years 9 months 14 days (22+9+14=45, he is gonna be the 45th president)

    2. IF you look at Eisenhower's death year and Trump's birth year it even adds more to this theory of these two being connected through numerology.

      69-46=23 Donald=23
      69+46=115 (Trump coming in with 115th congress, book on 1/15)

    3. Wow, all of this numerology makes more sense than reality does. Thanks for opening my eyes everyone. I truly wonder what is install for us all.

    4. I just found your work recently. You Sir are very good at this. Incredible.

  4. Great Scot!=108

    This is Heavy=145, 870

  5. Zach, here's how you can prove this is beyond coincidence. Go to a random word generator, plug in a bunch of words, then ctrl-f the pertinent numbers to your video. They'll almost never match up.

  6. I think the same guys made the Animated movie called 'Heavy Metal', or based it on the magazine.
    It released in 1981 on August 7th. 8/7, 87. 'Clinton' = 87.
    'Heavy Metal' = 112 / 40. Cubs & Hillary.
    'Heavy Metal' = 58 (v exception )

    Date summed, 8+7+19+81 = 115. 8+7+81 = 96

    Been a long time since I've seen the movie, but I think it might be set in New York as well or parts of it.
    The movie released in Ireland on Dec. 18th 1981.
    Summed, 18+12+81 = 111. 'New York' = 111
    Dec. 18th leaves 13 days remaining in the year.
    Seems to be a bit of an Irish theme to Trumps Victory at times.

    The title 'Heavy Metal', in Latin is 'Vary Metallo'.
    'Vary Metallo' = 45 / 144.

    They made another one called 'Heavy Metal 2000'
    Trumps Wall will apparently be 2000 miles long.
    Each panel measuring 25 feet high x 10 feet wide x 8 inches thick. 25x10x8 = 2000 ... how neat :)

    Heavy Metal 2000 based on the graphic novel, 'The Melting Pot' = 65.

    Heavy Metal 2000 runs for 88 minutes ( Trump )
    It was released in Germany on May 4th, 4/5 (45) ... with all the Trump & Berlin set up ...

    The Green orb thing in the movie's, is described as, "The Sum Of All Evils'. It's called "The Loc-Nar" = 42 / 96 (Freemason). 'Loc-Nar' = 63 / 27.

    "The Sum Of All Evils" = 199 / 64. 199 = the 46th prime.
    'Build That Wall' = 46.

    Found it funny that, 'The Sum Of All Evils' would = 64.
    Just with, 'Barack Hussein Obama' = 64 ... :)

    'Heavy Metal Two Thousand' = 83. 'The Donald' = 83.

    Gonna have to watch em again ... might be some stuff buried in them.

    All the best, Dar!