Thursday, November 17, 2016

13 33 41 43 84 187 322 | Google Doodle for James Welch (Native Writer) & Skull and Bones, the Geronimo's Skull thieves

I love that the Native author is a white man, born on the 322nd day of the year.

Remember, Yale's Skull and Bones was sued by the family of Geronimo for stealing his skull.

Wait until you see the parallels on this man.

Let us begin with November 18, the 322nd day of the year, leaving 43-remaining.

Important:  This Google Doodle shown above was published on the west coast on November 17, 2016, which is the 322nd day of the year in 2016, a leap year.

Notice November 18, the 322nd day, leaves 43-days remaining in the year.  That is very relevant to Yale, New Haven, and the Bush political dynasty.

Notice the pattern of '43' with the Bush dynasty, that are all from New Haven, CT.  The two who were President went to Yale and were members of Skull and Bones.

George W.?

Papa Bush was the 43rd Vice President and the 41st President.  How about it?

Ronald Reagan was the 33rd Governor of California.

41, the 13th prime number; 13 stripes; 13 colonies; 13 years, K-12

With regards to 43, James Welch was not only born on the 322nd day of the year, he was born on a date with '43' numerology.

11/18/1940 = 11+18+(1+9+4+0) = 43 (Yale) (New Haven, CT) 

His name has gematria connecting to '13', relating to the name 'Skull and Bones'.

James Welch = 36/45/99 (Thirteen = 45/99)

His initials also make '33', a number important to the elite club.

JW = 10+23 = 33 (Bonesmen = 33) (Masonry = 33) (Secrecy = 33) (False Flag = 33)

George W. Bush was born July 6, 1946, and became President in 2001, 33-years after graduating from Yale and Skull & Bones in 1968, the same year 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code, the same year the World Trade Centers were built.

7/6/1946 = 7+6+1+9+4+6 = 33

Back to '322', the Skull and Bones number, remember when Tim Russert asked George W. Bush about '322' as well as John Kerry, in 2004, when they were both campaigning for President, as former members of Yale's Skull and Bones?

Notice he died at 2:23, at age 58.

223 | 322

Again, Russert died at age 58.

As for deaths by the numbers, this man, recognized on Google, died in 'Missoula, Montana'.

I'm only left with one question, does '43' signify the "mark"?

For some related reading, there is the '223' 'Standing Rock Sioux standoff, taking place, by the numbers.  The standoff began on 9/9.


  1. I've been thinking a lot today. Working on some famous folks, reading The Revelation, an often repetitive story at the End of the Bible.

    It took me over a year to first start commenting in our 'FTFT' = 52, (Prophecy = 52) comment section, some people wrote maybe 4 or 5 of the same folks, but I was like Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) in Conspiracy Theory. Read everything, started my own research, watched videos, ya know.

    Now this thing is like a communal blog.

    The question I ponder is, how many people, how big, how clever? I would say 100,000 to 150,000 people, have been through here this year, 50,000 4 times a weekers. Maybe 150 posters. The fedz probably know how many.

    I remember Zach talking about youtube freezing numbers of views, very low, probably at significant numbers, it's amazing to feel we are on the cusp. Cusp of what? I remember November was supposed to be big this year, because Saturn was going to be in Saggitarius, astrologically, or some shit I read on the internet.

    1. 11/26 is Matthew Nicholson's proposed date for the stary of WW3 or an assassination or a Civil War or whatever he has changed it to this time.

      He has some very compelling videos on it, but they seem more like a mind trap/number circle that he keeps repeating. Of course, that is what we are in, so whether or not he is legit, I dunno. Good videos though, I often wonder how he gets the rights to the music without copyright statements.

      Lots of Iron Butterfly.

    2. Lol he changed it a few times but its still undeniable

    3. I've begun studying astrology and astrotheology and the planetary movements seem to really be the story of everything. When you think about how much care was paid to the sky by the Egyptians and's pretty clear that they revered the sky! I'm trying to see what the story is about Saturn being in Sagitarrius. This article was interesting. Sounded a bit like our journey to me...maybe this movement has helped create more truth seekers. But what the duality of it is I'm not seems to create more confusion as people are less trusting of information. I hope we are headed into more of a time or age of knowing...and less thinking. Socrates was a knower...and he tried to show us that we are all knowing beings. It's the distortions and disinformation that block us from knowledge and wisdom. That as well as faith and beliefs. I don't think what happens next will be so obvious though...all of this confusion points to a slight of hand. A trick. And I think it's already begun...we'll have to dig deep to figure out what is really going on. Coming into the age of Aquarius is helping our cause...we have to capitalize on that...and grow in our spirit so that our collective consciousness can find knowing and leave the chaos behind. I think this is why their turning up the heat with Trump and all of the Nazi propaganda. Oh I just realized another pink Floyd overlap...Trump is the division bell. The ringing of the division bell has begun...the grass was greener. We, truth seeking friends...need to ring louder.

    4. I have long suspected that that is why they cover the skies with whatever these trails are. I don't buy into the whole poisoning of the Earth theories, but I do think they want the average person's access to the skies distorted and limited. Plus, they are going to give us a global Auroa Borealis Light show too.

      Still waiting for three days with no moon or sun, really get this Revelation shitshow started.

    5. It just dawned on me that the song is called High Hopes...HH=88. The song talks about magnetism and beyond the horizon. It's really neat how this song ties to everything I've been thinking about lately with the stars, the spirit, time, frequency, magnetism and so on. It just really struck me how these secrets have been known, but kept from us for so long. Now we are finally uncovering some of these truths! It's encouraging...helps drive out the echoes of all of the fear mongering and hatred out there!

    6. And exactly Lord! We can't see the skies anymore...even at night the light pollution is incredible. That's the big tip off that what is in the sky is very important!

    7. Ok sorry...but just had a big ah ha moment and I gotta share. So our universe is ELectruc. When God created existence it was with his word, a sound or frequency. Before the sound god was the pure undivided whit light. When the division happened it was with a sound, the division bell! That is what created electricity and magnetism and life. Even time. It's not that these things are inherently bad or evil. It's that the division created the duality thus good and evil. Our choice is between evil or to live. But what is living...that is the question. But I think it's written in the stars...if we know how to read them.

    8. More like a cross-cut, har har, as he also created death in that instant. The beginning and the end. Imagine God as a single point, he spoke, then life and death shot out vertical and electricity and magnetism horizontally. 4 directions. Then we all pop around the grid during our spiritual experince.

    9. I follow this masonic blog contributor names are Martha Martin) and the lead guy ties symbolism and gematria and news and sports and everything together but doesn't tell you about gematria and just plays a religion angle like this is God's mysteries. Anyways they have mentioned 11/20 if I remember correctly. Jupiter enters the womb. There are some weird day between connections from Obama's birth, to the Nirvana In Utero album to this astrological thing happening in a couple of days. And 40 days before it came out a documentary called In Utero too.

    10. I gotta look into this in utero connection! made me think about life and death for a while. I wonder if it's really an "end". If time is running in an infinite cycle or loop then death may just be our own illusion. Whether we transcend or reincarnate either are possible ways that we continue on infinitely. I just have to think about that more now! If we have a we necessarily have an end? I'm honestly not sure...but maybe that's why we have duality too. We are in this finite body, but we have a consciousness that seems to most likely to exist outside of time. Just more to think about...

  2. Warren Moons birthday is 11/18/56 as well. We will see what happens tomorrow. Keep an eye out for some type of Moon/Wolf/Lupercalia tributes

  3. Carolina had a total of 223 yards offense. All the score was 20-23 or 322 total scores =43 date numerology is 44 on leap year but actually 43!

  4. You know the one number that really fucks me off? 187.

    I seem to always see 187 about but have no idea what it represents - Someone please tell me something about this number!

    Just re-read my post, think these numbers are sending me senial haha.

    1. 187 is the California Homicide code. Made mainstream by rappers rapping about "doin a 187 on yall asses"

      A form of slang for gangs to call murder.

      It's also a movie with Samuel L Jackson, where he is a teacher in a bad school and his student attempts a 187 on his teachin' ass.

    2. One Eight Seven = 67

      67 = Revelation, Blood Sacrifice, Freemasonry

      One Hundred Eighty Seven = 112, 139, 247

      139 = Freemasonry, the 34th prime number - 34 = Murder

    3. I really think 'The Revelation' (as its full name) is supposed to be the 67th book in the bible.

      Mary Magdalene, MM, 13,13 was supposed to be one of the thirteen apostles. You can reduce her to 44 if you want too.
      Flip the MM 90 degrees clockwise, the perfect angle of a freemason square, you get a 33.
      Her testament was either pulled out of the oral tradition between 200-300 AD, and not kept for inclusion in the bible, I have researched that it may actually be in the Codex Gigas, which was written in the 13th century.

      It has missing pages, it has censored pages, there is something to be said about Jesus's wife Mary.

    4. '13th apostle' = 696 'saturnesque' number
      'Mary Magdalene' = 119
      'All seeing eye' = 119

    5. Yes 9.69 km/s is the speed, flipped it's 696.

      Also '13th apostle' in ordinal is 116, flip it for 911, the date of Trump's 9th of November electoral win. The 9-11 the World Trade Center was melted to the ground with jet fuel. The easy to remember emergency phone number 911. It was launched in the US in the famous year of 1968.

      What was the date numerology you ask? On the 47th day of the year? Not that Euclid's 47th problem matters to the masons.

      2-16-1968 105, 86, 42(freemasonry), 33(the obvious)

  5. I think there are 2 realities that overlap, like one of those 3d pictures where you look at it one way and it's (for example) a picture of the Virgin Mary, but look at it from another angle and it's Jesus.

    1. That is a big reason the 3 is so important. If you take its actual reflection then lay it ontop of itself you get 8. Eternity. 2 Worlds. 4 divisions each. 8. Maybe that is the 42 at the end of Hitchhikers Guide.

    2. That really makes sense. I need to read Hitchhikers guide. Seems like Pink Floyd has a hitchhiker song or maybe one of the members did a solo album with that in the name...I'm fascinated by all of these overlaps. I wonder if it's parallel worlds or different dimensions...or both...I don't know...but it's fun to hypothesize about it all.

    3. 3+3 = 6 a fish
      3×3 = 9 a fish swimming opposite way - mirror image
      3 overlayed on top of another 3 gives u 8, as Lord Al sez.

      8 is 2 fish swimming together in a loop.
      A pair of glasses.
      Fish-eye lenses. Check out what that looks like on your camera filters. It's rounded and distorted.
      3d glasses, one eye red, one eye blue
      Blurred Lines
      Purpling, bruising, motion, movement