Friday, November 4, 2016

Reader Contribution | The World Series and the North Dakota oil pipeline protest (North Dakota became state on November 2, 11/2)

Standing Rock Sioux = 223
Curse of the Billygoat = 223

Again, the Chicago Cubs just ended their curse against the "Indians" in the 112th World Series, and this pipeline goes directly to Illinois.  Think about it.

North Dakota, established November 2.


  1. I have more to add as I did on the other post but Char is to partially burn (an object) so as to blacken it's surface. These protesters are burning the 'peace garden state' =144. And I made mistake, it's from his previous birthday 6/2. Guess what the Cubs game final was that day. Yup 2-7 over the LA dodgers.

    1. Also dodgers got there 27th loss that game..., 13 total hits that game. West 13 LA 13. Where does it end.

  2. Chicago Cubs = 46 ER Chicago = 46 EO North Dakota = 46 ER Zach thanks for the big props yesterday! Did you see my email? Please read it. I think Gary the Numbers Guy is up to no good.

  3. Bismarck is on the 46th parallel. The gematria table came in handy on that one! I hope you see the above message. I know it's him, from what he said last week.