Friday, November 4, 2016

44 46 49 68 80 106 139 | The Podesta emails, the latest 2016 election distraction, and news by the numbers

This story about the 'Podesta emails' heated up Thursday, October 20, 2016, just before the Chicago Cubs clinced a World Series birth on the 46-year anniversary of the death of Billy Sianis.

10/20/2016 = 10+20+20+16 = 66 (Woman)
10/20/2016 = 10+20+(2+0+1+6) = 39
10/20/2016 = 1+0+2+0+2+0+1+6 = 12
10/20/16 = 10+20+16 = 46 (John Podesta = 46) (Chicago = 46)

Let us further decode John Podesta.

John = 20/47
David = 22/40
Podesta = 26/35/80
John David Podesta = 68/77/86/104/167 (167, the 39th prime)

1/8/1949 = 1+8+19+49 = 77
1/8/1949 = 1+8+1+9+4+9 = 32
1/8/49 = 1+8+49 = 58 (Freemasonry) (Secret Society) (58th Presidential Election)

This story came out '80-days' before Podesta's 68th birthday.

John David Podesta = 68 (Podesta = 80)
*Barack Obama = 68

Again, this is definitive proof the story was created by the numbers, by this Masonic network, as IS ALWAYS the case.

Here is what the brunt of the Podesta emails are about.

Notice the date of the revelation, October 6, 2008, or 10/6, like "prophecy".

10/6/2008 = 10+6+20+8 = 44 (Obama, 44th President to be at the time)

So get this, the fuss is over the fact that the Democrat were ready to take over the White House before the election happened?  Why is that big news?  There isn't a single person in America who honestly thought John McCain was going to defeat  Obama, not one.  The election was over as soon as the candidates were announced.

It is funny how people will buzz about any bullshit the media posts.  This is a non-story.

Podesta Emails = 49/67/139
Freemasonry = 58/67/139
*Female = 67; Hillary began campaign at age 67
*John Podesta is 67-years old


  1. Yep -- definitely a non-story.
    This type of "Pointed Suggestions" has been common practice since our government was founded.
    Have people actually forgotten that this is EXACTLY how Carnegie, Rockefeller, Harriman, et al. assured their continued control over ... Everything?
    We truly ARE a nation of Historical Illiterates.

    More interesting is the NAME "CHOSEN" (yes ... there's a pun in there ...)
    To be the "Author" ...

    First -- "Let us never forget" -- that 100% of this bullshit is created by A.I. ... & that's a Fact.
    The "names" ATTACHED have a significance all their own -- they indicate which group is driving that particular agenda. And for those with access to "the code", they undoubtedly reveal much more ... just as the post-times are coded.

    There's certainly no "story" within the actual article -- & which is admitted throughout the piece. They're "unable to confirm" & "can't verify" ... & even state that the text might well have been altered. Supposition & Innuendo. A Non-Story.

    "DAVID DAYAN" brings to mind:
    "The Tribe" that associates themselves with "David" ...
    MOSHE DAYAN -- the controversial Israeli leader ... who died on ... OCT 16, 1981 ...
    At the age of ... 66.

    1. Thank you. That is what is so pathetic. There have been so many articles published on this, and none of them say anything. Yet, at the same time, the sheep buzz about it. Am I wrong to want to turn the populace of the United States into fertilizer? I really do think it is necessary. These people will buzz about bullshit, and dismiss what is substantive and factual.

    2. Zach,

      1.) The sheep buzz about it because they got nothing else. All they had to do was to learn about history, and quit letting the TV program them, but that does not fit into being part of the 'Cool Kids' Crowd. They were specifically fed this BS, so that they would buzz about it.

      2.) One of my favorite Metallica Albums is 'Kill em All'....Nuff Said.

      3.) The TV is operating at 60 Hz. This is important because it aligns with the frequencies that the brain is operating. The programming is deep, and I can testify that it takes a hell of an effort to break the programming.

      4.) This country is getting what it deserves...Fuck Em!

    3. Yeh -- I swear it seems to be getting worse.
      People ARE skeptical ... OF EACH OTHER.

      Everything that comes from an "Outside Source" -- even Facebook (!) --
      is absorbed without question ...

      But an actual PERSON faces Neverending Scrutiny.
      People feel ENTITLED to demand Answers, Accountability & Proof -- for even the most inconsequential things. (WHY didn't you answer your phone?!)

      Barely mention the notion of PRIVACY -- & you invite SUSPICION.

      Speak outside the bounds of Official Propaganda -- & you've "Got MENTAL PROBLEMS".

      What they're ACTUALLY doing is LISTENING TO THEMSELVES. Period.
      Whether it's MIRRORING the reporters that feed them bullshit, or mimicking their favorite media characters ... It's THEIR World --
      & THEIR stage ... & all they REALLY want is AN AUDIENCE.

      They don't WANT TO HEAR Actual People -- that would require giving up COMPLETE CONTROL over the dialogue.
      Is it because people have no real control over their own lives?
      I don't buy that. It's RUDE & NARCISSISTIC. Plain & Simple.

      I seldom try anymore with The Lost Ones. SILENCE speaks for me.

      When my "Wall Of Silence" remains unbroken, THEY get frustrated.

      Better THEM than me ... I've DONE my time standing on the stump ...
      Now THEY can Face The Disbelieving Silence for awhile ...

      Every day I tell myself: "Hang in there ... Just a little while longer."

      Sometimes, it actually helps. :D ;D

  2. Podesta sounds like a female POTUS to me. POTUSess?

    1. Podesta is the term I use for people that lick my Perineum while they tickle my Balls.

      "Hey Baby.....can I have a 'Podesta' tonight?"