Friday, November 4, 2016

38 42 44 57 75 93 144 | Death of playmate Katie May, February 4, 2016, by "Chiropractor mistake"

Katie = 2+1+2+9+5 = 19/28
Beth = 2+5+2+8 = 17
May = 4+1+7 = 12
Katie Beth May = 48/57 (Katie May = 31/40)

Katie = 11+1+20+9+5 = 46
Beth = 2+5+20+8 = 35
May = 13+1+25 = 39
Katie Beth May = 120 (Katie May = 85)

Her birthday has a fateful date, 16/3.  163 is the 38th prime.  Death = 38

3/16/1981 = 3+16+19+81 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
3/16/1981 = 3+16+(1+9+8+1) = 38 (Death)
3/16/1981 = 3+1+6+1+9+8+1 = 29
3/16/81 = 3+16+81 = 100
3/16 = 3+16 = 19

March 16 is the 75th day of the year.

She died 41-days before her 35th birthday, or a span of 42-days.

She date she died can be written 4/2, in the lone '42' month, February.

2/4/2016 = 2+4+20+16 = 42 (Freemason) (Female) (Lady) (February)
2/4/2016 = 2+4+2+0+1+6 = 15
2/4/16 = 2+4+16 = 22
2/4 = 2+4 = 6

The gematria of 'chiropractor' connects to killer.

Killer = 144 (Jewish Gematria)
Kill = 44; Forty-Four = 144; April Fourth = 144
Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria)

Notice the name of the coroner.

Notice she passed at age '34'.  Murder = 34

The cause of death has more suspicious coding.

Propaganda = 93; Saturn = 93; Crucifix = 93; May = 39

New World Order = 174

Catastrophic = 52/61/133

Queen of Snapchat = 66/75
Woman = 66

Katie Beth May = 57

Fifty-Seven = 131 (January 31, 1/31)

Something is all kinds of wrong with this story.


  1. Possible sacrifice for Hillary?
    Katie may=40 (Hillary)
    Kate Beth may=120 (inaguration day)

    144th prime is 827
    From death of Katie may to Election Day is 278 days..both numbers look like August 27,or 27th of August

    August 27 is the 240th day of the year (America is 240 years old) and in leaves 126 days left in the year looking like Hilary's bday 10/26

    Charlotte "fliehr"=40
    Fliehr won championship on 10/30,10+30=40
    Her gimmick is "all hail the queen"..

    From 2/4 to 11/8 is 278 days

    1. Hillary Rodham = 144
      Forty-Four = 144 (She will be 44th person to be President)

  2. You said it! What's NOT wrong with this story?! Lol

    This reminds me of the recent story about the cop who was supposedly shot numerous times ... got well enough to go give a speech ... then went back for more surgery & died of "complications".

    Even though it's all bullshit -- I'm still seeing this theme:
    We should EXPECT that when people get "help" from the medical community ... Sometimes They JUST DIE ... for No Logical Reason. GET USED TO IT.

    "Accepting" this quietly will help The System in so many ways ...

    The INSURANCE industry will benefit greatly from this new agenda --

    -- make people AFRAID to seek treatment **... (don't worry -- we already ARE!)
    -- fewer malpractice Claims ... due to public acceptance of this "reality"
    -- fewer malpractice Payouts -- they're setting the precedent that SHIT HAPPENS

    ** Fewer people seeking treatment not only reduces the cost to insurance companies, it will also skew the data about How Many People Are Healthy vs How Many Are Sick. You can be sure that the Actuaries in the insurance world are always looking for new ways to Make THOSE Numbers "Work" -- for the Shareholders.

    And of course this opens up all kinds of creative possibilities for Covering Up Murders ... as well as explaining the Supposed "Deaths" of people who are simply being given New Identities -- which is probably what this story is REALLY about.

    1. Plus, every GoFundMe page needs a news story as support/proof. Throw in pictures of attractive people esp cute children.
      It's like a modern update of those Sponsor the Children Comercials which featured sad little foreign kids dressed in rags and barefoot. But your donation of just $$ a month...insert pic of now scrubbed and smiling child wearing shoes, freshly ironed clothes, aND a backpack.
      I knew several people who proudly showed me the photos of the kid they sponsored whom they never met of course. It's another version of the Ethiopian prince email scam IMO.

    2. Prunella -- you nailed it. The GoFundMe link is all the proof we need.

      Besides being a sanctioned Scam Platform, I think it's also being used to broadcast -- & support -- when people are taking on New Identities.

      I've only seen a couple of GoFundMe's that I knew -- locally -- were legit. Of course they NEVER raised more than a few hundred $$ -- if that.

      You're right about this also serving as the latest incarnation of those "Foreign Kids" ads. Even now it's the same as it was back then -- those scraping together change to "Do Their Part" ... are ALWAYS the ones who can least afford it. These bastards prey on the people who Identify with dire need ... because they've been there. Unfortunately they never stop to wonder: Where were these "Charitable Grouos" when I needed help?

      Tsk, tsk ... shame on these money-grubbing assholes ...

  3. Anyone ever notice that:

    "Marilyn Monroe" = 73 & 172
    "Hillary Clinton" = 73 & 172

    I also find it very interesting that:
    "Marilyn Monroe" = 835 J
    "MK Ultra Programming" = 835 J

    And the interesting thing about:
    "MK Ultra Programming" = 227 [Cycles and Circles]

    Pi = 22 / 7 = 3.14

    Kind of like when you write out the 'Order out of Chaos' number.....also known as 777:
    "Seven Hundred Seventy Seven" = 314 [Kind of like Pi]

    1. Jake -- great connections! This is interesting, because it adds a new twist to the "Presidential Models" created under MK-Ultra.

      Undoubtedly that's what Marilyn Monroe was -- but clearly, these numbers show that they aren't ALL created to be sex symbols ... for MEN!

      Not saying Hillary is every lesbian's fantasy ... but she's certainly the darling of the Feminist Community.

      Boobs vs Brains -- hasn't that ALWAYS been The Dilemma?? Lol

      DUALITY = All Things To All People ...

      Great insight -- thanks for sharing that!

    2. MM-Born 6-1-26
      Hill-Born 10-26-47
      1116 weeks apart
      Mm-Died 8-5-62
      54 years, 3 months, 3 days before 11-8-2016
      771 weeks after Hill was born
      MM was also born exactly 33,033 days before election day.

    3. Sacrificed for the Future of Women---331

    4. 1116 weeks apart?

      "One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen" = 133
      "Military Industrial Complex" = 133

      "Capstone Completed" = 1116

    5. Birthdays are 147 days apart one way and 7 months 6 days the other as well. .

    6. Lord & Jake -- (hmm ... sounds like a maker of tailored suits ... Lol)

      These numbers & connections are incredible!
      There needs to be a separate Coincidence Theorist T-shirt that links Hillary, Marilyn & the election.

      MM's birthdate being 33,033 days before Election Day is a spectacular catch ... my head is STILL spinning over that one! Lol
      Should we assume that there's an allusion to Presidential Assassination coded in that figure?

    7. Jakes -- "Capstone Completed" is a phenomenal connection!

      Their Capstone Projects are spread throughout every facet of our lives -- yet few people have ever even heard the term.

      1116 caught my eye ... could 11/16 be a significant date? Perhaps perfect for a President-ELECT Assassination?

      I don't think we've ever had one of THOSE before ...
      Just think how THAT would Stir Things Up ...

      11/16 is exactly ** 8 ** days AFTER Election Day ...
      & ** 8 ** days BEFORE Thanksgiving -- inclusive ...
      Or -- exactly ** 8 ** days BEFORE ... "Black Friday" ...

      11/16/16 is Right In The Center ... BETWEEN Election Day & Black Friday.

      8 = H ... so it fits that ** 8 ** might be The Magic Number ...

      Something Strange: Anyone else ever had Auto-Correct replace
      NUMBER ... with ... ANUBIS ...?!? WTF??

  4. Riddle me this -- Is this "Katie May" ... or ... DYAN CANNON??

    Even their makeup is identical. Which makes you wonder ...

    If Katie May was known solely through PHOTOS ...isn't it possible that her entire "existence" has been 100% fabrication?
    That her "life" consisted solely of Photo-Shopped images?

    The technology is there ... the systems are in place to facilitate the ruse ...
    And apparently HER IMAGES did a lot to PROMOTE SNAPCHAT ...

    Sounds like this is the hidden side of Advertising in our Next Gen Age ...

    Create media-based "LIVES" for the "Faces / Imagery" attached to the Product ...
    Then -- when the advertising campaign shifts in a new direction -- you "Kill Off The SUBJECT".

    Why else wouldn't SNAPCHAT have publicly bemoaned the "Loss Of Their Queen"?
    Seems like they didn't want to draw attention to WHAT ... She" ... REALLY was. ;D

    1. Thank you! I've been saying this for years!!! Just because we see pictures of someone, and are given a name and a back story doesn't mean they exist. I don't get why that concept is so hard for most people to grasp. Well, actually I guess I do. It's because we've all been trained to catagorize things into:
      A) News/Truth
      B) Entertainment/Fiction

      Truth, we are told, comes from news anchormen, newspapers, documentaries, 60 Minutes journalism. Especially when the words LIVE show up in the corner of the screen. That's like a trigger for us to BELIEVE (you can see it contains the word live).
      Fiction has actors, scripts, and directors. (So does the news just replace the word actor with news presenter. All u gotta do is change the name it always works)

      In 90s they started blurring the line between fiction and reality with MTV Real World which birthed the reality television era along with The Truman Show and Ed TV.
      Then came 911.
      "It was just like a movie!" Many of the "witnesses" repeated that line.
      Viral marketing, staged events, "happenings" (look up the 1960s definition) performance art, these things have always been with us, it was just called by different names like POLITICS, HISTORY, and WAR.
      We are the audience, the kids (baah) the naive ones, the test subjects, the Nielsen family members, the fools, the children growing up on a giant film set who are so intimadated by the "Authorities" that they can't even see what's right in front of them.

      C) (See!) it's ALL fiction!

    2. Entertainment


    3. Pru -- Excellent points & extremely well-written!! That post OUGHT to be hung on Everyone's bedroom & bathroom walls -- where they'll HAVE to be reminded of this TRUTH every single day. Kids especially need to see this at every turn!

      Without Daily Reminders of The Truth, I think most would "Forget" as soon as they turn on the TV or venture out into the world. In this case, just "Knowing" doesn't seem to be enough ... not for most people.

      I couldn't agree more about The Real World. They also introduced mass audiences to the concept of "Marathon Viewing" -- watching episodes of the Exact Same Show back-to-back.
      It was right around then that I distinctly remember WITNESSING people "change" overnight -- suddenly they were talking like & using the same mannerisms as their Favorite Characters. And they behaved like THEY were acting for a "hidden camera". It was surreal ... (Ah yes -- "The Surreal Life" came soon after ...)
      Now this "morphing" is so common that "Kardashian-Speak" is an Actual "Thing".

      This has become all the more creepy since people "Know" that:
      "Real Isn't REALLY Real" ... but they Believe & Accept it just the same.

      I was surprised to find that The Real World is actually still on, & this is Season 28! Unreal. Lol

      It was started in 1992 ... 2 yrs later, in 1994 -- BRAZIL adopted the REAL (pronounced: rE - al) as their currency.
      Donna BRAZILE just left CNN ...

      High Strangeness all around us ...

    4. Something interesting to check out is Kodak, Color testing studio models color bars/tones used to calibrate skin tones.

      Shirley color test cards, also called China girls, not Asian but because of porcelain skin tones.
      Remember the David Bowie song?

      Things are bizarre, that's for sure. Just lately I feel like Bluebeards Wife who finally got the nerve to open the door to the forbidden room.

    5. Pru -- Damn ... I sure love your posts -- they always remind me of how much MORE there always is to know!

      The Kodak/color/Bowie connections sound intriguing.
      Reminded me that Paul McCartney's 1st wife Linda was an Eastman --
      of the Eastman / Kodak clan.

      The ties between Light ... Color ... Frequency & Harmonics, etc. ARE -- I believe -- central to the technology that's turning people into the literal Walking Dead.
      Thank you for the tips -- the "Color" angle is one I'd nearly forgotten.

      I confess that Bluebeard's Wife has me stumped. But that's what I enjoy the most -- stumbling into things I never heard about before. Tonight I'll be learning about Bluebeard ... already got that planned! ;D

  5. I saw this as part of the mass ongoing campaign against alternative and holistic medicine. I also love the way these article now ALWAYS have the go fund me page for the kids. I'd never thought about the whole scam angle makes entirely good sense. I know I'm old but does anyone under 35 really use snapchat? I've only ever seen my kids use it.

    1. Sue -- You made a really good point here -- WHY was a Playboy Model the "Queen" of a platform that was targeted for kids to use?

      I've never used SnapChat (I'm "old" too, lol). But I know it seemed to be designed to encourage kids to send out pics they never should've taken in the first place ... & it provided a quick & easy way to hide what they were doing from their parents.

      I know it's used for other things too, but IMO the main goal has always been to scoop up as much underage porn imagery as possible -- so it could be sold on the black market.

      When they vowed: "Don't worry -- we don't store the images" -- that was the ultimate Red Flag. EVERYTHING is captured & stored SOMEWHERE.
      NOTHING ever truly vanishes.

      Everything TRANSMITTED has to travel through SERVERS -- which is where the (silent) "Capturing" is done.
      They're toying with the fact that most people either aren't aware or don't think about this -- & they're hiding behind twisted words.

      Thanks for the observation -- you made me realize what ELSE is "wrong with this picture"! ;D