Friday, November 11, 2016

33 42 44 223 | Donald Trump meets Barack Obama & 5 awkward photos, November 10, 2016, BBC reporting

This news comes from the BBC, or 223.  Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

*Five = 42; Freemason = 42

Notice MLK's head over Trump's right shoulder.

MLK killed 4/4
Obama, #44 (Hope = 8+15+16+5 = 44)
Donald Trump, the 44th man to be President (44 Kings of Israel) (Donald Trump, Zionist)
Birther = 2+9+9+2+8+5+9 = 44 (Think about it)

This is an act.  And what's Donald doin with his fingers?


Nice shake.  Where have I seen that one?

Is that Lincoln they got in the background?  Obama, from the Land of Lincoln.  Lincoln, the first President to be assassinated.

Abraham = 1+2+18+1+8+1+13 = 44
Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

Obummer:  "Remember when I said we talked at 3:30?  HA!"

The Dump:  "Did you catch my "ninety" drop on our meeting today?  HA!"

*Ninety = 5+9+5+5+2=7 = 33

Is Michelle in Purple?  Purple = 88; Trump = 88

M & M = 13 & 13 = 4 & 4...


  1. Thanks for the breakdown on the numbers! I looked for MLK numbers connections to Trump but didn't see anything off the top. I see a lot of purple in the photo with Michelle and Melania - Michelle is wearing purple. This color of course also connects to the Queen I wonder if there is a more direct connection in the purple narrative.

  2. Is there anyone who does more masonic hand signs than Trump?

    1. I saw one guy calling the 666 sign "The Trump" because he uses it so often. I found that funny.

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  4. Trump and Clinton are related through a common English relative "According to the blog, the family trees of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump connect at the people who were both of their 18th great grandparents. Those two people were John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster."

    Also interesting John of Guant listed as the 16th richest person of all time also with connections to King Henry. 16. JOHN OF GAUNT - £68bn (1340-1399) The third surviving son of Edward III inherited vast lands, while his wealth was further boosted by a profitable first marriage to the daughter of the Duke of Lancaster (see 19).

    When his nephew Richard II was a minor, he was virtual ruler of England and his son, Henry Bolingbroke, eventually deposed Richard, becoming Henry IV."

    1. Pretty much answered my own question - likely related to the current monarchy.

  5. With an assassin profiled right over trumps head in that. Lincoln shot. Is that a 55 years old Secret Service member ?

  6. Melania asking Michael, how long does it take before her tucked dick starts hurting, during these type of interviews

  7. Further down the rabbit hole. Through John of Gaunt is the direct ascension to the throne of England.

  8. He composes for satan. Do not focus on the gesture. Count the time between the hand signs. Obama is blinking in all his video the coaches and players do it too. Morse code of germatria. I stumble on it by using slow motion during games.
    They send the viewers coded messages using cryptic hypnosis. Watch progressive in slow motion.FLOW ... Lol

  9. Trump is the joker from Gotham. The sheeple are about to go haywire on each other. There will be bloodshed and the people will turn on each other The question is do they get a new leader or is it the end of democracy ? 1776 was not that long ago. Hope I'm wrong on this. All signs point to revelation.

  10. 1776

    Reminds me of

    Ohio, feb 13 2017

    Jim brown going out next.

  11. @Sue G, John of Gaunt reminds me a lot of John Galt, the mysterious character from 'Atlas Shrugged', and from the phrase 'Who is John Galt?' I never finished the book, but I think there premise is Galt was a wealthy business man who gave up on society when Socialism took over. I used to like Ayn Rand, but just like Marx and Orwell, she's party of the gang, none of them giving the full truth. Capitalism v Communism v Socialism v Fascism. How about People v The Tyrants? That's what I want to see. Anyway:

    Who is John Galt? = 62 (Mason), 151 (36th prime, 1-36 totals 666)
    John Galt = 33
    John Galt = 87 (Both Clinton numbers)

  12. Who is John Galt = 161******
    Math error my bad.

    1. I've never read it either. I'm with you not much interest in reading these books with twisted narrative and half truths. Turns out this is pretty much old news. Apparently all 44 presidents have been similar - descendants of King Edward III. John of Gaunt was King Edward III's 4th child.

      So strange to see how this all really works.