Friday, November 11, 2016

9 11 19 48 119 | Donald Trump's Serta Mattres commercial, 2010 (Presidential Election predictive programming)

There are at least three things to notice below about this commercial.

1.  Donald Trump talks to two sheep in the commercials, #1 and #9.

Potus = 19 (Abbreviation for President of the United States)

2.  In the hallway, you see sheep 11 in the background, and sheep 9 in the foreground.

Donald Trump was announced as the 45th President, on November 9, or 11/9, the 27-year anniversary of the fall of the 'Berlin Wall'.  Berlin Wall = 45 (45th President)

3.  Think about the imagery of 'sheep'.  The commercial is for selling mattresses, and the joke is counting sheep.  Think about it...

Watch the commercial just below.

This ad was aired in 2010, six years before the election.

Also, the word 'Serta' has gematria of '63', like the year JFK was assassinated, or the number connecting to 2016.

When you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016.

Final point, the day he was elected, November 8, 2016, the day leaving 53-days left in the year.

How many "I only vote on abortion" voters cast their ballot for the latest devil?


  1. Yo zach better yet if you could apply your brilliance to this string of Donald trump commercials when you have time we'd all appreciate it

    The Pizza Hut commercial about eating pizza=33 the wrong way
    The other one with 13 11 66
    You did the Serta
    But the one with Diet Pepsi during Mike Tyson fight is crazy because at that time in 88 coke and Pepsi (red and blue) were fighting in a diet soda beef and trump was on pepsi side hence the commercials stating that they were the champions (Pepsi and Mike Tyson) and now we can say trump is a champion to.bit anyway the firstpepsi commercial which trump was in of that gloating of Pepsi having better diet soda then coke was on 7/27/88 before the Tyson vs spinks it was at trump plaza hosted by trump and Mohammed Ali and Tyson won in 91 seconds or 1minute and 31 sec (131) champion

  2. Thanks for this. What a mockery.

  3. Thanks for this. What a mockery.

  4. Thanks for this. What a mockery.

  5. Hi Zachary, in the 90s I used to work as a temp secretary at the University of Washington. I worked for Ann Streissguth, the world authority on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, for a few weeks. She was the one responsible for the bathroom admonishments in women's bathroom against drinking and being pregnant. For some reason, I looked up Dubya as a baby and he fit the description of a classic FAS baby to a tee -- small eyes, close together, smooth philtrum (upper lip), low ears, no judgement...etc., you can look it up yourself One day Ms. Streissguth came by my desk and I told her about my observation and she went off on me, just livid. I'm just saying' Dubya is a barely functioning Fetal Alcohol Syndrome adult.

  6. So glad you did a write up on this one! Watching your video now! Good stuff! :)