Wednesday, November 16, 2016

38 42 58 139 163 | West Virginia Mayor, Beverly Whaling, resigns after racist Michelle Obama Facebook post, November 15, 2016 news

Facebook = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58 (58th Presidential Election just passed)

This story emerged last night, November 15, 2016.

11/15/2016 = 11+15+20+16 = 62 (Mason)
11/15/2016 = 11+15+(2+0+1+6) = 35
11/15/2016 = 1+1+1+5+2+0+1+6 = 17 (Mason)
11/15/16 = 11+15+16 = 42 (Freemason) (Number stamped on black people, 42)

First, the name of the Mayor, Beverly Whaling, or "Make America Great Again".

As for the woman who wrote the comment the mayor replied to...

The name Pamela Taylor has ties to 'Freemasonry'.

This story also comes out of "CC", or "33", Clay County.

The name also has ties to "Ape in heels" and 'Washington', where Michelle Obama resides.

Also, this comes out of 'Clay County', or CC.

As for the town 'Clay, West Virginia', this news comes just after the election of the '45th President', Donald Trump.

Remember, Donald Trump will be 70-years old, 7-months and 7-days when he takes office, January 20, 2017.  The Freemasons believe in order out of chaos.

1/20/2017 = 1+20+20+17 = 58 (Freemasonry) (Secret Society) (58th Presidential Election)

Trump was born in '46; Chaos = 46

The day of this news story making mainstream headlines, November 15, 2016, the day that leaves '46' days left in the year.   Chaos = 3+8+1+15+19 = 46,_West_Virginia

Notice this town used has a population under 500.

Also, notice it was established in 1858, emphasis on '58.

1777?  Trump started at Fordham, 1964, 52-years ago.


  1. All this bitchin and wailin...wait...

    1. Heh heh ... Good one!
      Reminiscent of those odd references to "Whales" we were constantly shown a few months ago.

      WHY would a social media post -- emanating from One Person in a town of Fewer Than 500 -- a post that can't even be properly verified -- even matter?
      How did the BBC ever find this post ... & once again ... Why Is The OPINION Of BRITISH MEDIA Being Given So Much Weight?
      THAT'S what people SHOULD'VE been asking ...

      IMO: ANYTHING that stems from these "DEVELOPMENT CORPORATIONS" -- especially those attached to small towns situated near Natural Resources -- is ALWAYS SUSPECT. ;D

      From my observation -- their ONLY purpose us to Facilitate the Desires of the Global Corporatocracy ... to aid them in Stealing Resources, Raping The Land & generally screwing over the Local Residents.

  2. On January 20th 2017, Trump will be 25,788 days old. Using the 13 Moon Calendar, that span of days equals 70 years 11 months and would end on April 18th. April 18th is the 108th day with 257 days remaining and is 10/15 on the 13MC.

  3. tell Peaches sorry but the Cardinals arent making it to SB this year