Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reader Contribution | The code of Saturn's Cube, more on "777"

Check this out!


  1. Thank you for posting this :)

  2. Class post Dezy. I know feck all about Saturn stuff, so was cool read. The pic of Saturn ya used reminded me of something. You know the brown wooden building at Cern? The one shaped like a ball or bowl? If you look at that from aerial shot, top down ... it's almost got a bowl cap on it :). Similar to the pic of Saturn.
    All Capitol buildings have that same shape dome too ... I remember when the US capitol building dome yoke went under construction & it being on the news. Week later I was in Dublin City, and it's capitol buildings dome yoke went under construction at the same time ... no idea what it was to symbolise and if it was only Dublin & Washington ... must check if it was worldwide. Seemed odd anyway ...

    Anyway ... it's something to do with magnetic fields, I think :) ... I know nothing about it, but remember seeing a video where a guy crafted two magnetic bowls in that shape and was doing some odd lookin' experiments ...

    Bit of a ramble but that shape is defiantly significant for some reason ... course it could just be me on another wally rant :)

    Class post anyway man ... All the best, Dar.

  3. Heh, I'm not the one who own's thedeepzone blog, I was just thankful for Zach sharing this website
    But Saturn is the most important of all "Gods", you also have in the bible the age of Satan (Saturn) which refers to the Age of Aquarius ruled by the Saturn
    The old testament starts in the age of Aries which is ruled by Mars (who is God of War in Roman mythology) which is why you have a very aggressive warmongering God at the start, then when the Jesus comes you have the Age of Pisces (2 fish represent belief and doubt) which is the 2000 years of division and church craziness we see.
    And just after the Pisces you have Age of Aquarius who is bringing consciousness, and he is pouring spiritual waters which are going to destroy all the belief and doubt non-sense and bring the knowing. But they really forced the man-God Jesus story on the people, while bible has a lot of esoteric knowledge hidden in it.

  4. Bro is our entire reality a fuckin board game some higher dimension beings are playing. Are we living on an interdimensional chessboards and don't fucking know it is tbat what that link is saying????

    1. It does truly seem like entire reality is scripted, and they are trying to figure out how the "god" works

    2. They want to discover the one mystery which will always remain. They want to witness the moment of creation, before there was anything, when it was just God. Hence the attempts to recreate the Big Bang only to discover the God Particle. They have failed numerous times to break the God Particle, only causing the Particle to replicate.

      There is another clue in Back to the Future, when Doc Brown is explaining how the input works on the Dashboard. He says, Wanna go back and witness the birth of Christ? You can!!

      That is an analogy for the creation moment.

    3. There's is no recreating Big Bang or finding the God-particle, it's simple propaganda
      Big Bang theory has nothing to do with reality, it's a joke like everything they teach
      Big Bang - 33
      Published in 1933 by JESUIT priest from "Belgium" - 33
      by George Lematire - 77
      He met in January 1933 with Albert Einstein who's just another Zionist agent and a joke of a person, Einstein was even invited to be the president of Israel

    4. I am with you on that, my friend. The big bang is a complete joke. I am just trying to convene what is trying to be accomplished. Whatever "that" moment was that started all of this is what they are trying to figure out.

      When a scientist doesn't know the inital cause of something they are forced to backtrack. They have to collect data from observationsn of what they knowvis happening and then go backwards and try and cause it to happen, then they have verified their theory.

      The collection of data from all of us via social media is serving as a gathering source for Effects so that they can systematically study backwards to the inital moment.

      Its is more Effect and Cause than Cause and Effect.

  5. nice to see something interesting...the cnn headlines are getting old..

  6. WWW3 will begin on November 26, 2016! Watch Matthew Nicholson on youtube, this guy is a genius.

    1. War could be a way of suspending the inauguration. There will be no WW3
      Fear propaganda ! Smoke a J !

  7. AFC WEST=77
    Alex Smith=666

    Alex smith silent protest in the news today
    Chiefs player #41 dad shot by an American made gun
    New balance sneakers under scrutiny for supporting trump made in the USA

    Chiefs 7 wins
    Broncos 7 wins
    Raiders 7 wins

  8. Alex wore a Safety pin

    safety pin=711 or 77