Wednesday, November 16, 2016 says potential voter fraud in four swing states where Hillary won exit polls, but lost vote- Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

We know loves to be front and ceter in the "made for mainstream narratives".


  1. Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN


    I am just gunna leave this here.

    Released 9-26-69
    That's 47 years 1month 21 days
    121 Revelation
    7:47 in length.
    And Decode...

    1. Took them 170 days to record

      Or 5 months 20 days

    2. I want you=1700, 128
      Shes so heavy=1447, 146
      I want you(shes so heavy)=3147, 274

    3. Thanks T.

      Also, if you add those highlighted percentages from above


      Add the inverse


      One big circle.

  3. Check this out!!!
    Since we are in the season of Super Bowl 51, I have been watching specific TV shows.
    Specifically any (Season 5 Episode 1 episodes.) (5-1)
    For Example:
    The show 'Rugrats' has a Season 5 episode 1 called (51)
    "Lady LUCK"
    Its about a guy who at first has bad Luck, then starts winning when he plays a card game with blue and white cards.(Luck/Colts)

    Anyway, Here we go!
    I watched Seinfeld last night (Season 5 Episode 1)
    Its called "The Mango"
    It is about women being dishonest actresses and deceiving men with fake orgasms.
    Here is what I found:
    This episode has a TON of political and football predictive programming, and blue and Red in it, and it is very obvious.

    Jerry wears a pink shirt in the opening scene and again later on in the show.
    "Pink" = 119 (Trumps election day)
    Elaine and George both wear red in this scene
    In the next scene, Kramer is in Jerry's kitchen and leans over next to a box of cereal that has a giant number 45 on it, framed blatantly in the center of the shot. (45th president)
    In the following scenes, Jerry wears a Purple dress shirt, then a purple shirt that says "Queens" on it, then he wears more purple shirts as the show goes on.
    Elaine keeps wearing red. We see more red and blue everywhere in this shows set design and clothing.
    Kramer then sends Jerry to get some fruit, specifically Plums, and stresses that the plums have to be red inside (Purple with red inside)
    The store where they get the fruit has the number 39 shown a lot.
    Jerry and George keep trying to prove their self-worth, but the women in the episode get the upper hand.
    Jerry refers to Elaine as "The First Lady of the American Theater" towards the end.
    The only thing that helps the men get the upper hand in this episode, is eating a Mango.
    "The Mango" = 38/83 (the name of this episode)
    "Election" = 38/83
    "Football" = 83
    This was the first show to feature a bicycle hanging on Jerry's
    It's a Blue and white Canondale.
    "Canondale" = 33/ 414
    "Colts" = 414
    This episode is rated 8.7 on IMDB (87)
    Clinton = 87
    There is much more, but I stress we all try to watch as many season 5 episode 1's as possible of any show, and report back. This stuff is not a coincidence.

    1. Great thinking! I searched top TV series, and looked at Breaking Bad season 5 episode 1 ewhich has a character called Walter White, the same name as an ex-NFL player. Breaking bad season 5 episode 1:

  4. Man-go into office ( Trumps face color)

    Great find. Now I have to watch Simpsons season 5 and Dora the explorer.

    Great find!

    1. Wow, Man-Go
      I didn't even see that.

  5. 1. Homer's Barbershop Quartet
    Season 5 - Sep 30, 1993
    Homer recounts his trials and tribulations as a member of a barbershop quartet.

    Saturn coded lol

    1. Oprah season 5 episode one. Donald trump reference again

      1. Matthew Shepard's parents, Leeza Gibbons & The Browns from Sister Wives
      Season 5 - Mar 8, 2015
      Oprah speaks with the parents of Matthew Shepard 16 years after he was brutally murdered; updates from "Celebrity Apprentice" winner Leeza Gibbons and Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives."

    2. Dora .. Trump going to be president is like first day of school?

      1. First Day of School
      Season 5 - Sep 7, 2008
      Boots and Tico are excited for their first day of school.

    3. South Park more Trump

      1. It Hits the Fan
      Season 5 - Jun 20, 2001
      Cartman and his foul mouth make television history.

    4. Yeah man, this is crazy. I'm finding more stuff.
      Beavis and Butthead "Held Back" se5 ep1
      There is a part where the math teacher is is yelling "What is 4 plus 5?" (45) then Beavis answers "W?" and Butthead says "no way Beavis" (George W Bush reference)
      Also she yells "Two Squared" = 44 /53 (44)
      They show a picture of all the presidents behind them in this scene.
      The video "Black Hole Sun" is featured = (51)
      Another teacher reads a purple colored book called "100 honey jars"
      "one hundred honey jars" = 223
      "Honey Jars" = 115 (11/5) election day

      There is a part where Butthead hits on a very young girl (very Trump like)

    5. *Type O on my part*
      11/5 was not election day but the day of the attempted assassination in Reno

  6. There was an old HBO show from the late 80s called First and Ten. It was a comedy about the California Bulls. It had some faces from the time in it, including OJ. I am having trouble finding specific episode descriptions though.

    1. LOA I remember that that show. I'm thinking 1984-97 is a good range to find clues.

  7. Apprentice Season 5 Episode 1

    Summer of Sams Club
    Aired **2/27/2006**
    The two teams are
    Synergy=113. And
    Gold Rush=104.

    This is the first season to include his children, and there is a special appearance from The PM of Scotland.

    The Winner was 33 year old
    Sean Yazbeck=**112**
    He was on team Synergy who were Blue.

    The finale was on 6/5/2006

    From that finale date to the next Superbowl is exactly 10 years 8 months. 108 on top of all those Luck signs. Blue team. 112.

    From the premier to the SB is 10 years 11 months 9 days.

    3996 days.


  8. The Walking Dead (Se5 Ep1) (51)
    Rick Grimes, played by **Andrew Lincoln** (what a joke)
    Digs up a blue bag he buried, and takes out a COLT Python (357 Magnum)

    1. Colt Python=888, 831J=+138=969



    2. Fucking crazy finds!!!
      I think you won decoder of the century @Nicks
      Well done.
      It's the 97th season of the NFL, how about season 9 episode 7. Or season 7 episode 9.
      Not very many shows last 9 season but Simpsons and a few others I bet