Saturday, November 19, 2016

38 60 67 223 | The death of soul singer Sharon Jones, at age 60, from "cancer", November 18, 2016

The first thing that stands out, is her music group was based in Brooklyn, New York.  This parallels the date she died, November 18, typically the 322nd day of the year.  Brooklyn, New York, in gematria, sums to '223'.  Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

Let us now decode her name and date of birth.  She has passed at age 60.  Nigger = 42/60

Sharon = 1+8+1+9+6+5 = 30/39
Lafaye = 3+1+6+1+7+5 = 23
Jones = 1+6+5+5+1 = 18/27
Sharon Lafaye Jones = 71/89
Sharon Jones = 48/66

Sharon = 19+8+1+18+15+14 = 75
Lafaye = 12+1+6+1+25+5 = 50
Jones = 10+15+14+5+19 = 63
Sharon Lafaye Jones = 188
Sharon Jones = 138

5/4/1956 = 5+4+19+56 = 84
5/4/1956 = 5+4+1+9+5+6 = 30
5/4/56 = 5+4+56 = 65

11/18/2016 = 11+18+20+16 = 65
11/18/2016 = 11+18+(2+0+1+6) = 38 (Death) (Killing)
11/18/2016 = 1+1+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 20
11/18/16 = 11+18+16 = 45

She died 198-days after her birthday, or a span of 199-days.  199, 46th prime; Sacrifice = 46

Supposedly, she passed from cancer.  Cancer = 44; Chemo = 44; Kill = 44

Last, her place of death, Cooperstown, NY, connects to 'Soul'.


  1. Cancer in November =161

    Cohen Dunn Jones=161

    Leonard Sharon Holly=216

    Leonard Cohen Sharon Jones Holly Dunn=377, 2262


    The Cancer Trio=484J

    1. Then there is this foundation

    2. Also they all have French middle names

      Lafaye Suzette Norman=241

      Is there

      A French/Canadian Connection=214??

  2. Zach, or anyone else that wants to answer; what do you think is more significant?

    Eli Manning losing to the Bears to have his total record be 111-93, both heavy New York numbers. --OR--

    Eli Manning beating the bears to have his total record be 112-92, with the Super Bowl in 'Houston' (112) for the Giants' 92nd season.

    It's 322 days from Eli Manning's birthday, and also 46 weeks (Chicago = 46). It's 44 days until his upcoming birthday, and also 1 month 14 days (Trump is the 44th man to be President, President of the United States = 114, Trump Card = 114). Not a lot lines up for Cutler, except it's 6 months 22 days from his birthday, and 22 weeks, 6 days until his upcoming birthday (226-622? Satanic Saturn numbers?) and 5 months 9 days until his upcoming birthday, the kill number (59). Reports are coming out he's "lost the locker room" and they're ready to give him the boot.

    It looks like a clear Giants victory, except for a couple major hangups. Also, if the bears win they will be 3-7 (Chicago = 37) and the Giants will be 6-4 (New York Giants = 64).

    AAHHHHH! Maybe this is a good one to stay away from.

    1. Great observations, I think 112-92 could tell us a lot. '92' was a big number on election night as well.

    2. One last thing. If the Giants win and Eli improves to 112-92 all time, this will be 77 days from the Super Bowl, or 11 weeks.

      Championship = 77
      New York is the 11th State.
      The 11th prime is 31. The reflection of 31 is 13, like Eli Manning's 13th season.

      Also, the last time the Bears and Giants played in the playoffs was 1/13/1991 (113), and the Giants won with 31 points.

      Oh! And it's the 58th all time meeting between the Bears and Giants. The Giants are currently 22-33-2 against the Bears; if they win, they'll be 23-33-2, and palindrome with three '3's in the middle.

      Indianapolis = 333

      Ok, now I'm really leaning towards Giants.

  3. No don't get caught up, Giants will win. Those are good numbers, but stick to the clear one of 112-92. They are only 2 games behind Dallas and they have to stay that way. They may even end up winning the division if Dallas has a couple hiccups. The NFL likes drama and the NFC East with a close race to the finish line is perfect. I'm not 100 percent, but the Ravens may beat the Cowboys this week so the Giants will stay close and the Ravens get some more room from the Steelers. I think the Ravens may win the division and the big story would be Steelers not making playoffs, which they most certainly will next year.

    1. Also Romo may go to the Bears or Jets, so if he goes to the Bears they need the drama of Cutler losing the locker room and having a horrible season.

    2. Only way he can is if Dallas drops him?

  4. I've looked at Ravens Cowboys, and I think the Cowboys win because that will bring them to 1-4 all time against the Ravens, and Baltimore = 41 (Ravens will be 4-1 against Cowboys, fourteen = 41 like 1-4). It also makes the Ravens 5-5.

    So that would definitely mean the Giants cannot drop many more, unless they enter as a wild card.

    If a very specific set of circumstances play out on Sunday, we could have 10 5-5 teams.

    1-10 summed is 55
    Numerology = 55
    Week 11, 5*11 = 55

    We'll see.

    1. Oh damn, you're right! Well, I guess that works, too.

    2. I like 11 instead of 10 more.

    3. Me too. I did a massive decode on it; it's in Zach's top post right now and in the NFL Discussion post.

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  6. Early this morning NY One News reported this story and what stood out to me was the mentioning of a documentary (not sure of the release date) about her life. They said the documentary chronicles her hardships/struggles and how she didn't find success in music until the age of "41". The film is called "Miss Sharon Jones".
    "Miss Sharon Jones" in English Ordinal equals 198
    "Film" in English Sumerian equals 240
    "Forty One" in English Sumerian equals 708
    "New York One " in the English Sumerian system equals 870

  7. Zach, I read somewhere that holidays are really about ritual sacrifice. Have you ever done anything on that subject?
    "Thanksgiving" in English Reduction equals 60