Saturday, November 19, 2016

42 64 93 | The Fugitive Slave Acts o 1793 and 1850, proof of racism by the numbers, over the centuries

Fugitive Slave Act = 65/74/182
Fugitive Slave Acts = 66/84/201

Notice the act was first passed in the year '93, a number stamped on black people throughout history, from Martin Luther King Jr., to Malcolm, X, to Rosa Parks, and more.

Also, notice that they were undone in 1864, at the end of the civil war.

Civil Rights = 64; Barack Hussein Obama = 64

The date the first of the two acts was passed, February 4, 1973, sure does stand out.  That date can be written 4/2.  Nigger = 42 (That is Rosa Parks birthday as well)

Of course, the date was also in February, black history month.  February = 42; Freemason = 42