Saturday, November 12, 2016

39 48 68 | Donald Trump's Trump Tower will be fortress until Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, November 12, 2016 reporting

The emphasis is no mistake on 'fortress'.  Fortress = 39

This article is written November 12, 2016.

11/12/16 = 11+12+16 = 39

Remember, New york was established July 26, 1788.

7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

Trump Tower is 68-stories tall, like the year of the assassinations, '68, and the year of 9-1-1, and WTC Construction, and George W. Bush graduating from Yale and Skull and Bones.

68-stories?  From 1968 to 2016, 48-years?

The word fortress reminds me of wall.  Again, Trump, elected on the 27-year anniversary of the fall o of the Berlin Wall.  Berlin Wall = 45


  1. Zach, the information you pasted about Trump Towers says 58 not 68 stories tall. Am I missing something,

    1. Trump tower is 68 stories but has 58 floors. Stories are considered everything like the foundation and basement

  2. Off topic but... "Peace" of pY
    If the "p" is pointier...
    3.14 ( mirror )

  3. Was checkin out movies with assassinations and that in em ... Forgot bout this one ... some numbers that seem to match up Hillary, Trump & The Election.

    Movie is called,
    'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' = 205 ( Hillary Diane Clinton )
    'Jesse James' = 106 / 52 ( Prophecy )
    'Robert Ford' = 121 ( Revelation )

    The movie is based on the book of same name, wrote by,
    'Ron Hansen' = 108 in simple and 45 in reduction.

    The movie runs for 159 minutes or 2 hours 39 minutes (239)

    First showing in the USA was on September 21st 2007.
    The 264th day, leaving 101 days remaining. 'Assassin' = 101

    Set in the year 1881. The divisors for the no. 1881 = 3120 ( like 312 or 213 reflection )

    Though it might we worth lookin into. Gonna have to add it to the watch list :D ...

    Sorry for all the comments last couple days ... when get some free time tend to look at wayyy into much stuff. :) ha.
    All the best, Dar!

    1. One more thing . Brad Pitt plays Jesse James in the movie. Real name, 'William Pitt' = 144. 'Hillary Rodham' = 144. Brad Pitt was born December 18th.
      From Sep. 21st to December 18th = 88 days. (Trump)
      If Hillary or Trump going down ... Dec. 18th maybe ...

      Shuttin up now. :)... Have a class weekend.

    2. Its telling us some shit is going to happen thats going to affect everyone.

  4. The last sentence is about Phil Hartman portraying Bill Clinton. Phil Hartman was MURDERED -- BY HIS WIFE. How'd that be for a twist? Trump (supposedly) KILLED -- BY MELANIA!

    She'd have to "die" too -- so that in reality, they could disappear together.
    With his "assassin" dead -- the reasons for his murder would be open to conjecture.
    Soon she'd be labeled: "Putin's Manchurian Candidate" ...
    Then it'd be Game On between the U.S. & Russia.

    Maybe I'm just remembering a theory that's been floated around -- saying Jackie Kennedy was a Jesuit assassin & killed Kennedy herself.

    Hmm ... Trump proclaimed that he could shoot someone & basically be unaffected. We've never had a pres "kill" the First Lady before ... suppose he claimed it was self-defense & she was an assassin for Putin ...
    Think of the Controversy! And Trump out-strutting Putin as we head to war, "I killed your assassin because I'm the badass mother-fuckin' Prez of America, damn it ... you fuck with me & I'll open the gates of Hell on your ass!"
    Disturbingly ... I can picture that ... along with seeing Melania relaxing in the Riviera, enjoying her pay-off.
    Maybe I've seen too many movies ... Lol! ;D

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