Wednesday, November 2, 2016

42 88 96 | CNN headlines, November 2, 2016, Obama on FBI & FBI credibility decreasing

Freemason = 42/96

Illuminati = 120

Trump = 88; Curse of the Billygoat = 88


  1. Each day that passes, Obama seems like the better choice in office. Are they conditioning everyone for that possibility Zack?

    1. "Obama Third Term" in Eng. Gematria equals 750 and "New World Order" in Eng. Reduction equals 75.

  2. What an interesting observation Harry. You may be right. I was watching him and Michelle passing out candy to Halloween trick or treaters at the White House and thought, has he been so bad? That is the trick :) If you watch the video, you see he gives candy to Prince and sings "Purple Rain" and a little Superman. (Batman v Superman) All seemed natural but likely scripted.

    I am fortunate that in Nevada you can select "None of the Above" for the presidential candidate, but is that really an answer?