Monday, November 14, 2016

44 45 48 108 138 | The Donald Trump & Berlin Wall riddle +Berlin Wall construction began August 13, 1961

Notice construction began on the Berlin Wall, August 13, or 13/8.

Trump met on August 31, 2016 with President of Mexico about the proposed wall:

8/31/2016 = 8+31+(2+0+1+6) = 48 (Life Lesson Number)

And again, Donald Trump was announced the 45th President on the 27-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, which was November 9, 1989.  Trump's announcement as the 45th President came November 9, 2016.

In Simple English Gematria, 'Berlin Wall' sums to '108', a big number on the recent World Series, that has parallels to the Presidential Election.

On June 26, 1963, JFK traveled to the location of the wall and spoke against it.  Notice that where JFK would be killed not long after, Dealey Plaza, named after a 33rd degree master mason, has the gematria of '45' and '108' as well.

JFK's June 26, 1963 speech was 149-days before his assassination in Dealey Plaza.

It is rumored the Bush dynasty, who are connected to Skull and Bones, are behind the incident that is known as JFK's assassination.  Skull and Bones in Pythagorean Gematria sums to '41', the 13th prime number.  Think about how George H.W. Bush would become the 41st president.

Again, JFK was the 44th term President, Donald Trump will be the 44th person to be President.

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44; Shooting = 1+8+6+6+2+9+5+7 = 44


  1. If Trump doesn't get assassinated, I'm gonna be shocked as hell. Also what are your thoughts on martyleeds33 number system he came up with (1234567654321). I only watched a few of his videos since you posted about him. Not bad stuff. I feel like if you, him, and someone that's super credible with another aspect, such as numerology/astrology, teamed up and collaborated, you guys could seal the deal on this madness. Like a book or something or maybe a huge gathering/seminar. Rent out an areana or something haha, and teach the shit out of this. Like that shill David Icke does.

  2. Zach you need to read this.

    Remember back in April when you received that letter with a picture of the young Hillary Clinton? You Received it on April 15th the 106th day of the year.

    15/4/16 = 35/55. Matching the Election numerology, it was 207 days before the election which was held on the 27th anniversary of the Berlin wall as you've documented.

    I think that letter was mocking us and also telling us who was winning the election, i think you should take a look at it again.. There was lots of random numbers with it but also the writing.

    When what is the truth - with the What crossed out.

    When what is the truth = 88 (Trump)
    What = 16/52 (Prophecy) + 106th day.

    There's a bigger picture to this, them numbers are fascinating - If we can work out the message it could lead to a better understanding of how these numbers really work.

    Who's to say whoever sent you that Wants you to find the answer?

  3. Hey Zach, I'm not sure where to post this so maybe I'll repost it in the comments section of one of your videos. Did you see this headline that's all over the media?
    Right under the video showing this kid being traumatized by his mom, it says Facebook had 1.1 million views in only 9 hrs.! 11 and 9?! C'mon! Although this kid is clearly being messed with, my other red flag that makes me think this is staged is that the mother sounds sooo ghetto and ignorant, yet she clearly lives in what seems to be a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

    1. Some people are crazy like that, the more likely scenario is they messed with the view number to report it that way, I doubt they have enough time to make up these smaller stories, they let the dumb masses make them for them and then they code around them.

  4. Trump has already said he wants to keep doing his big rallies even after he is sworn in. When he starts going back on his policies, one 'crazy' trump supporter will be the one blamed for it, even though it'll have been planned by the CIA and they'll use some patsy.

  5. Yo zach just an update on Phife dawg ..a tribe called quest dropped a new album on 11/11 called "thank you for your service we got it from here"=213 s exception
    From death of Phife 3/22 to album 11/11 is a total span of 235 days.
    From 11/11 to his next bday 3/22 is 132 total days Catholic Church=132

    1. And they have a tribute song for Phife called "the Donald" =38,83 and I don't understand why the fuck they would name the song that and they emphasize don juice=36 like wtf? I have to be missing something

    2. I watched the SNL performance and I saw the parallels. The song is a tribute to Donald Trump becoming the 45th President. "Phife Dawg died at the age of 45 and his real name is Malik Izaak Taylor.
      "Malik Izaak Taylor" in English Reduction equals 68
      "Donald John Trump" in English Reduction equals 68
      "Political Sacrifice" in English Gematria equals 638
      "Death" in English Ordinal equals 38
      "Tribe Called Quest" in English Sumerian equals 1038
      Tribe Called Quest is marketing their new album as the 1st album in 18 yrs -"118". 11/8-Election Day

  6. Zack, I noticed that

    from the day Trump was elected to the day the electoral college votes 11/9/2016 til 12/19/2016 is 41 days (or 1m,11d)

    From the day of the electoral college votes to the day he will be sworn in is 33 days (including the end date).

    Trump Pence- 50/131
    Trumpence - 43/115
    Trumpets - 33/132
    Certificates of Ascertainment- 119/281

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  8. The Electoral College will be reviewing the election on 12/16. They could still declare Hillary President by 1/06/17 (106) The number coded throughout the entire Democratic Convention and the (106) day span between the DNC and the election. There was an article posted the day after the election about Hillary taking a walk in Central Park. (a walk in the park) Sort of makes one think she is just waiting around until then, taking it easy. Things seem very odd since the election. I think we are going to see some interesting things happen.

  9. There are a few different dates, I'm sure Nicks date is right also, it's funny that they have 3 different deadlines to cast their votes with zero penalties for delaying...yet you, me and John Q. Public would get penalties and interests up the ass til we finally complied....cocksucker! All of them, lol, their all dirty...sorry for the rant