Monday, November 14, 2016

IBM technology able to diagnose skin cancer with a smartphone

To think, computers / smartphones identifying cancer was discovered before the cure for one of the most profit generating diseases, cancer.  Help me do the math.


  1. Some headlines are so in your face they dont need decoding.

  2. Isn't it funny how hard they work to "raise awareness" about things you need to fear/get checked by an "expert" for/help with, that you would have been perfectly fine not knowing about?
    That's what I say to people who bug me about smoking. No one really understands how the body works, that's why one person can do whatever they want and live a long healthy life, while another has endless medical problems. They try to blame genetics or pollution but I suspect it's more about how prone to suggestion u r and how much anxiety u have about your body. Same way placebos work just reversed.
    One thing is regarded as bad and a "cause" of health problems while another thing (the cure) is good. Provable because of examples. That are giving to us. And seem to work for some people we know, while not working for others. Which to believe? Whatever you want. It's the level of belief that hurts or harms.

  3. There's an app for that.

    Not like having a cellphone cockroached in your ear all day might cause some sorta malfunction to your dome.

  4. Hello..this is WATSON at work...IBM's toy is ready to be in your life every second now..:)))

    1. Funny you say Watson - I noticed in the election in my area all the ridiculous names such as Watson, Stark (Game of Thrones reference), Bill Gates, Schmuck, etc.

      These people are ALL frauds.

  5. Im getting tired of Grown Azz Men wearing Fkn PINK on their Uniforms coz of this Money Grabbing Fraud Susan Jew Cohen Cancer Bullshit every fukn Year like they have to take a God Dam oath to wear this Ugly Shit on their Uniforms so You can Donate More Money for Rat Research when every Human on this Planet has Cancer Cells in their Bodies that die off Daily and Some, Grow Due To a Variety of Stresses we keep in our lives....