Tuesday, November 1, 2016

49 51 55 71 | World Series Game Six observations, Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians, November 1, 2016

Notice the starter came out after 48 pitches.  Tonight, they honored the last surviving member of the last Indians World Series winning team, from '48.

11/1/2016 = 11+1+20+16 = 48 (Donald Trump = 48)
*Trump began his campaign in the 48th state, Arizona
*Trump had the GOP Convention in Cleveland

Also, here's what I noticed about the grand slam.  First, it was the 51st pitch of the game.

Conspiracy = 51; Cleveland = 51

Second, just before the Grand Slam, a stat was shown that the announcer talked about.  That was the Cubs were 0-6 with the bases loaded in the 2016 World Series.  I thought right away, hmmm... will they be 1-7 here in a moment, and then boom, a grand slam.  Of course 17 is the reflection of 71, the big number on the World Series.

As I write this, Arrieta's 49 pitch went for a strikeout, and his 55th allowed a base hit that made the score 7-1, something like '71'.  Chicago Cubs = 55 (71-years since last Chicago Cubs World Series)